Plug N Play Ecu Value for money?

Finally the question is answered

Honda V Toyota

One to watch when all of those Honda Versus Toyota threads get to much to handle!

Video Archive

Below are a selection of videos depicting the mighty little EP in all its tuned glory. The power and control that can be achieved from the sturdy Toyota base is a testament to Toyota’s legendary over-engineering.

These videos will inspire and astound prepare to be bitten by the bug and when next someone you know questions the capabilities of these cars direct them to the Toyota GT Turbo Video section!


Can a little starlet with the right mods in the right hands beat a type R scoob?


submitted by Rory


Best Motoring 96

submitted by TO82


Jam Racing vs Boss RS-1 (Lancer Evo 7)

submitted by hoochhenry


300bhp Greek EP

submitted by lingl9z


JDM EP Drags

submitted by Fishy89GT


HRF V300

submitted by Phil


infini ep82

submitted by Rik


Bodywork EP82

submitted by Rik


How to tune a starlet to beat a r34gtr vspec

submitted by steveatyork


Kouki Ep82 Battle

submitted by Galen


Kouki EP82 Battle II

submitted by Galen


BMI My Car Challenge – Toyota Starlet GT Turbo

submitted by alan_d

Random Photos From TGTT

Calendar 2008 Photos

Calendar 2010 Photos

Screensaver 2010

Download the 2008 Toyota GT Turbo screensaver – Click Here

Screensaver 2009

Download the 2009 Toyota GT Turbo screensaver – Click Here

Screensaver 2008

Download the 2008 Toyota GT Turbo screensaver – Click Here



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