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The Zisco GT finally comes to life

Goodwood revival

600 Million pounds of machinery on display. Are you going to attend?  Discuss here

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Small is the new Big deal

Everything seems to be getting smaller and smaller. The main feature of any new phone or TV seems to be the reduction in physical size and weight. Along with this is often reduced power consumption or an enhanced “green” version of an old product and cars are no different.

For some items such as electronic gadgets we marvel at how small and energy efficient they have become but for others such as cars smaller is not always synonymous with advancement!

For years many of us in the Starlet community have had to listen to the phrase “there is no replacement for displacement” while we attempt to defend the honor of small forced induction engines. It is great to red articles like the one you will find below but do you think smaller is better?

Be honest, if you could afford to run a larger engine would you? Or are you a die hard fan that feels one of the main attractions of the Starlet is its dinky power plant? Comment on the associate thread here

Diddy Ford outpaces Enzo at the ‘Ring…

ae86 vs gt86

So which one would you love to own?

Discussion thread – Click Here

Dave Burwash - Legend

It is with great sadness that our community has learned of the tragic passing of Dave Burwash, long term member, contributor and trader on our forum.

It is difficult to come to terms with the passing of someone who has always just been there. From the first time I personally used Dave was always on the forum answering questions, posting ideas and engaging in colourful discussions with fellow members. His passion for cars was undeniable, his knowledge extensive and shared with the community.

We followed his projects with great interest and watched him set records and produce massive figures, pushing the limits of the Toyota Starlet at a time when the boundaries were not fully understood and this was all a learning experience for us enthusiasts.

As time moved on Dave’s business grew and he traded on the site as TM-developments. Supplying the regular essential parts for maintenance along with custom parts and engines. I myself ordered from Dave on several occasions and he was always straight and reliable.

Part of the reason Dave was so popular on TGTT was due to his personality, if he had something to say he was usually not one to hold back. These interactions provided many hours of entertainment for our members. I have personally had some jousts with Dave and no matter how heated they got he was always civil and chatty on our next engagement.

This community has lost a massively influential figure. One who had demonstrated a continued passion for the little EP long after many had left the scene. For old members of this site Dave leaves behind memories of exciting days of feeling out the limits of the EP and then pushing beyond them and for new members he leaves a wealth of documented knowledge which lives on in the pages of our forum posts.

We would encourage you all to go to the forum and search for posts by Dave. Read through some of them and remember the man in the way that we all should. We truly have lost a legend in the Starlet community.

Please share your message of respect here

Cork Meet/Photoshoot 10 April 2011

From the Words of our Munster Area Rep Paul ( popsy09)

The Day started off by collecting Mark as his car is off the road again.We went down to Blackpool to wash the car but it must of been national car wash day as there was a massive queue, so I decided to go for the rough look for the snaps, lol.

As Mark and myself arrived down to the Docks we were greeted by Kieran. I nearly drove into the step looking at his car, the new spoiler and rear splitter just finishes his car off nicely. Definitely my favourite GT by a mile.

We started chatting, and the banter was mighty, the lads were trying to convince me not to get an evo and ditch the starlet but we were interrupted
by a lovely white glanza with a toms bumper which  personally I wouldn’t normally be a fan of but i must say it was looking well on johnny’s car and with a forged engine she is no slouch either.

Next the photographer came and out came the camera its worth more than my car i say, lol, but you can tell by the great quality snaps.

Colin arrived next in his USDM styled VTI Civic, no hatred here, lol, a very unique Civic which you don’t hear being said too often these days.

While the banter was still going we got blinded as Ronan and his green GT rolled up, I love winding him up about the colour but in fairness he pulls it off and has some nice plans for it too.

After 156 photos yes 156 we decided to go for a KFC for a bite to eat, Next we convoyed down through the tunnel i nearly had a pain in my head with the noise of the screamer pipe ,lol.
Kieran and I tackled a big bucket of chicken but failed miserably and poor Ronan who is celiac  couldn’t eat any .

So to round it up all and all it was a good day out and a big thanks goes out to Johnny, Kieran, Mark, Ronan, Colin, Jamie and James  of course for the pics 

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Link To the Meet Thread:

2011 Calendar now Available

The 2011 TGTT calendar is now available for purchase from cafepress Click here

Well done to all of our members that had their cars and photos picked for inclusion, they truly are a credit to the site.

2011 Calendar competition

How fast did 2010 go by? Very fast! It seems like just a few weeks ago we were organising the 2010 calendar photo competition but it has been 12 months. This year the competition will be very simple and should produce an unexpected mix of photos for our 2011 calendar.

Submissions should be made by email and can be sent by any member. We will select the best 13 photos to highlight the cream of our online community and will post the final pictures, a link to the online store for purchase of the calendar and as always a free screensaver with the winning images.

The details and rules can be found here  CLICK We urge you to read and follow the rules, we have kept them straight forward and if they are not followed we regret that we will not be able to consider your submission.

So all that is left to say is good luck! Have you got the photography skills or desirable enough machine to be featured? Let the best man/woman win!

Sad Farewell To Our Fellow Member - Charlie Stott

It is with deep regret that we have learned of the passing of fellow Toyota GT Turbo community member Charlie Stott, Chimp. It is always very sad to hear a fellow enthusiast is no longer with us and especially someone so good natured and positive. Looking at Charlie’s facebook page his interests include “helping others” and this is proved to be genuine when you read through his posts here on our forum.

At just 30 years old Charles succumbed to cancer and passed away on 26th of September.

Chimp has been a member of for a few years now and many of his posts on the forum were jokes and words of encouragement. He once reassured a member who was second guessing his mechanical ability and told him – “at least you had the balls to try and figure it out yourself, I don’t think there is anyone that works on their own car that hasn’t mis-diagnosed a fault and ended up with a box full of bits for no reason…… I know I have…. Several times”. In some more posts he expresses his regret at selling his GT and vowed to get back behind the wheel of one.

You can read some more of Charlie’s posts here – CLICK

Chimp last logged on to the site on 31st August, below is his Avatar which may stir up some memories for you all.

If you wish to express your condolences a thread has been opened HERE, to make it easier to share this link it can also be accessed by going to


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