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Glanza Turbo Terrorising the Tarmac

The Mauritian national rally championship was in full flight and at the head of group F13 was the Glanza V owned and driven by Toyota GT Turbo’s very own Lionel de Bollardière. The event was located at “Fantasy” and if you were wondering where it got its name simply watch the video below – the twists, turns and surface quality make this any tarmac drivers fantasy.

Aided by capable copilot Tony Quinn, Lionel completed several runs clocking impressive times even after blowing off the same intercooler pipe twice and losing half of his boost pressure. Mechanically the Glanza had no issues and brought Lionel and Tony on to win their class in fine fashion.

Unfortunately the Mauritian National Rally Championship was cancelled in 2009 due to the global economic crisis however many of the competitors used this break to further prepare their cars and that was very evident with the quality of machinery which was entered in the event. Lionel’s Glanza, which we have become accustomed to seeing up on three wheels at tightly twisting slalom events, was prepared for the fast road challenge and the preparation certainly paid off.

We cannot wait to see more of Lionel’s videos and hear more positive stories from the motorsport scene on the beautiful island of Mauritius.

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Some Photos From The Event

The Ultimate Drag EP?

Zisco Fabrication

Many have considered it and some have even tried to build it but could this be the ultimate drag EP?  We spoke to the guys at Zisco performance who shared their vision on what the ultimate drag EP should be. They are putting their money where their mouth is building this one from the ground up.

Completely stripped to its bare bones and built back up at the Zisco garage, this car promises to be a contender for the fastest EP we have ever seen go down the quarter mile.

The attention to detail is astonishing, from the custom fabrication to the massive list of performance parts it is surely one of the best spec’d starlets the world has even seen, this car will go down in history in the starlet community.

It is evident that word of the work produced by Zisco is spreading fast. Not more than a few years ago they were relatively unknown outside of Malta, today however things are very different. Renowned for their custom fabrication work, which this author has been lucky enough to witness first hand, Zisco have become a force to be reckoned with in the EP tuning community. Offering their services through their online trader forum they offer custom fabricated and after market performance parts with swift delivery from Malta.

Located a short drive from the Zisco facility is Hal Far raceway, a drag racing strip. This allows for real world performance and stress testing of the products Chris at Zisco produces. The temptation for all work and no play may arise from time to time however the guys at Zisco can regularly be found hammering their own cars down the strip at Hal Far. Kon recently set a new personal best in his long term project Glanza which completed a quarter mile in just 11.6 seconds!

11.6 second monster

When you have a name for building quality parts and turning out fast times what is the next logical step? Put all of that knowhow in to a one off build of a lifetime. This project has been receiving regular updates on the Zisco facebook page which you can join here. Step by step photos of this amazing build are regularly uploaded by Zisco and I am sure you will agree it is a project we will all be watching with immense interest.

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