Thread of the month -November 2010

This particular thread is not very positive but it does show a good community spirit with plenty of members getting involved to discuss the issue and give advice to the member impacted.

We hope the members concerned can reach some satisfactory agreement.

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Thread of the month - October 2010

This months thread of the month was created by Chris@CCM and asks the question – are plug and play ECU’s worth the price they currently demand within the starlet community? With 5 pages of replies and various opinions from all around the world this makes for interesting reading.

You can check the thread out here –  Thread of the month October

Thread of the Month

With all of the interesting threads on TGTT it can often be easy to overlook a good one. To encourage our members to post quality thread we will be selecting a “Thread of the Month” and posting it here on our main portal page.

The author of the thread will get one months paid member status added to their profile as recognition for inspiring good conversation on the forum.

Any thread could be picked, a photo shoot, technical, joke or video could be selected. The criteria are simple – The thread must be good and inspire conversation on the forum.

We look forward to selecting our first Thread of the Month.

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