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Mar 31, 2015
    1. gt spud
      gt spud
      was lookin for some help my horn an rev clock dont work an oil light is always on an there is oil in it theres a fuses in engine bay an the last two are 30 but the last 30 is the problem it keep blowin as soon as i put it an turn the key it blows need help pls
    2. Deighton Greenaway
      Deighton Greenaway
      hi i am in the process of changing my engine in my starlet to a 5e engine my turdo stock is running 13 pounds of boost. what i need to do
    3. mk_albeetar
      how i can input 4agze injector on 4efte?
    4. ne3n
      hello, my name is Ione and I live in Canary Islands, Spain. I had 4 Toyota Starlet 1.3 12v and I am a fan of toyota. I would like to bring a toyota glanza V of Britain but would like to change direction from right to left. UK specialist would know some do it? please I am very interested in this and it is a dream for me. Thank you very much and I await your response.
    5. Topher-EP82
      why can i not put some thing in the for sale section. i don't want make loadsa random comments just to sell somthing i have been a member for a while now. i just wanna get rid of my wheels lol. i'm not a thief or a dodgy geezer lol.
    6. turbo tommo
      turbo tommo
      hey i have just tryed to pay for me ticket for japfest but the link wouldnt let me probs my crappy laptop!! can i buy a ticket direct from the japfest hotline and you keep me a stand pass and i can meet you all in the morning of the show or can you please send me the link again are are try again cheers Tom :)
    7. benbewsher
      Hey there how u doin?
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    Norwich, Norfolk
    HR Secretary :-)
    1993 Toyota Starlet Gt Turbo