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Discussion in 'ENGINE' started by J25GTi, Jan 1, 2010.

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    Hey guys, need some technical info if possible! Working out all my CR's etc and cant do it wihout this!

    The exact CC of a 4e (1336 IIRC?)

    Is it hydraulic tappets or mechanical?

    What is the standard compression ratio (8.2 iirc?)

    And What is the swept volume?

    And finally, what are the Bore and Stroke dimensions?

    Cheers guys
  2. J25GTi

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  3. Glanza D

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    thats my knowledge run out though haha
  4. JasonGlanza

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    1331cc, 74mm bore, 77.4mm stroke, hydraulic tappets, 8.2:1 cr, piston volume 332.8 x 4cc and combustion chamber volume 41cc.
    hope that's ok bud ;)
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  5. AzE_B

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    there not hydraulic

    give me a sec and ill find the swept for you
  6. AzE_B

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  7. JasonGlanza

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    ur right on that they use solid lifters with shims so mechanical. The other info is correctly confirmed :)
  8. J25GTi

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    brilliant ! repped thanks guys

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