4efte engine

Discussion in 'Wanted section' started by H_D, Sep 4, 2019.

  1. H_D

    H_D Paid Member

    anyone got a 4EFTE engine for sale. if I cant find one soon I will end up breaking my V :(
  2. SKINY

    SKINY Registered User +

    What's up with yours bud did you ever nail it down ?
    Seen on a while ago on that other site 450£
  3. H_D

    H_D Paid Member

    need to take the head off and find out what went wrong, got to 998 miles out of 1000 miles for running in after a fresh forged rebuild, began smoking out of the breathers, did a compression test and cylinder 2 was down by 20psi, put a bit of oil down the bore and compression tested it again and the reading shot up, I guessing the rings are fucked
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  4. SWJ

    SWJ Member

    Rings break crap goes wrong! As longs as it's not your only car?? You can rebuild it, but it sounds like you did "something wrong" the first time ... so you need to figure out what that was and don't do it again. :)
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