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  1. Mechanix10

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    Hello everyone,

    Actually experiencing a superb problem with an Ep82 4efte. Engine starts on first try. But wont start again if missed.
    Once its running, it runs extra rich and rpm cuts at 4k. Also unplugging the map sensor brings no change. Running on stock ecu, stock fuel pump, NGK IK20.
  2. Jay

    Jay Admin

    Seen this more than a few times in past years.

    Check the wiring to your engine temp sender (it will be the big green plug on the thermostat housing. If this wiring breaks (common once the distributor O-ring has perished above it) or the sender itself goes faulty you can experience poor hot starting and sluggish performance as the ECU just uses a set value instead of the actual signal.

    You didn't mention checking for fault codes so they might be worth a look too mate.

  3. Mechanix10

    Mechanix10 Fresh Recruit

    Thanks for the reply Jay.
    Will check this asap and revert back to you mate. Will carry on diagnosis to check the fault.
    Thanks again.
  4. gorganl2000

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    yeah, a diagnostic should usually show any electrical issues
    you should surely see one for unplugging the map sensor as you did earlier
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