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Discussion in 'ENGINE' started by MahadGT, Dec 21, 2014.

  1. MahadGT

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    What is the standard ignition timing ? after rebuild mechanic set it to 0, but now i have retarded the distributor a bit to set it at 10 with the timing gun. now its at 10 degree.
    it doesn't felt any noticeable difference in drive, want to raise boost to 0.8 bar is it okay with this setting of timing for 0.8bar boost?
    up rated fuel pump
    rising rate FPR
    6 puck clutch and pp
    rest is all stock
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  3. dac69er

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    You want 10 degrees advance. With 10 degrees retarded timing it will be as flat as a pancake.

    As above, make sure it's in diagnostic mode up to temperature and idling at the correct idle rpm, then set the timing to 10 degrees advance.
  4. MahadGT

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    Car was warmed up before setting the timing, but the ecu wasn't in diagnostic mode!
  5. Skalabala

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    Pancake :D You sir made my day!!!
    Yes it is a must for it to be in diagnostic mode :)
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    guys sorry for bringing up an old tread...i got a question about advance.i know that to set everything right you need 10 degrees advance but does anyone have the advance chart at higher rpm and until the rev limiter?i mean what advance is at lets say 3k rpm etc...i want to check something and i want to be sure i won't harm my engine
  7. dac69er

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    I've never seen an ignition map for a standard ecu. Someone may have one though. It's not just about rpm though, the load (map sensor reading in the case of a stock 4efte) also affects timing.
    I can post up the stock power fc ignition map if that helps? That is a pretty safe map on a stock 4efte.
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    may be you can try one of these and log your own stuff
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    I didn't know you could get an OBD1 now :) happy days, be good with the torque pro app, I had an OBD2 in the Dina but it wont connect for love nor money so over the gate it went :p
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  10. sventz

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    if you could i'd be much obliged.and thank you in advance !

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