A Few Tips on Safer Classifieds Buying

Discussion in 'Other Cars For Sale (Non EP)' started by Jay, Sep 18, 2008.


Have you been stung by a bad seller online before?

  1. No, never had a bad experience.

    26 vote(s)
  2. Only lightly.

    16 vote(s)
  3. Yes, moderately stung.

    7 vote(s)
  4. Big time.

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  1. gv1.3

    gv1.3 Admin

    good suggestion but not all countries use post codes so it wouldnt be much use in a lot of cases.
  2. A2KLAU

    A2KLAU Paid Member

    Yeah good point, need to find something that is universal to all, phone number is not really a good idea either as you might get tons of random calls or spam callers etc if you do that..

    Maybe a rule that ALL items sold that are going out via the postal service should be at a minimum be insured and require signature on delivery. I am sure people who are willing to spend quite a far bit of money are happy to pay an extra couple of £s to get peice of mind.. The only time when this rule won't apply is when the buyer explicitely says they don't want insured/tracked delivery and just bog standard.. then responsibility can be removed from the seller and risk passed to buyer.. this method should reduce many disputes are the tracking numbers can be provided very easily with these things, and can be tracked online from anywhere, so both buyer and seller can keep and eye on progress of item. If picking up in person then this rule does not apply..

    What do you guys think?
  3. gv1.3

    gv1.3 Admin

    but that wont stop people taking the money and just vanishing... I dont think there has been a huge incidence of things going "missing" in the post - just people going missing after taking money or taking an age to send stuff or sending stuff that is faulty
  4. A2KLAU

    A2KLAU Paid Member

    Grr. I'm racking my brain and I can't think of anything but I really want to come up with a solution to help out as I can't bear to see the classified go!! All my projects are built using the classified so I feel strongly about it. Plus I'm a paid member so I want to show my commitment to the club!

    The only saftey cushion is to recommend using Paypal as there is some element of being able to get money back, even paying the 4% means you got yourself some sort of insurance.

    I'll keep thinking of ideas Dylan, thanks for hearing me out anyway :)
  5. Jay

    Jay Admin

    I have a habit of being over-cautious when it comes to approving sales threads from newbie members. As a precaution I run an IP address check when I have the time, not that it is usually required of course. To date this check has never exposed a scammer.

    I know of few other forums offering the moderation that we currently do in regards to Classifieds posts. As a result we have been branded with the tag of over-moderating - I'd rather control the section than ignore it.

    There needs to be a line drawn in how much we as moderators can do. Beyond this point buyers need to use their own wits, intelligence and luck.

    An increased postcount requirement - No problem.
    An increased membership time limit - No problem.
    Injecting TGTT as a third party into private sales - Not possible.

    We will work on feedback from our members so please bring as many ideas and thoughts to the table as possible people.

  6. affy

    affy Paid Member

    losing the classified sections will be a great loss as well as poeple funidn thier cars we'l lose many great sellers

    why dont you set a time limit for the sales and monitor or gather inforamtion how many bad sales, good sales and then you'l know for sure

    maybe reading this thread may change evrything hopefully and the ones who like to mess things up maybe will realize

    why not just set payment preferences as payment through paypal only then if anything occurs they can go straight to paypal and the tgtt team will have to worry about :)

    although not everyone has paypal so might not be a good idea, just a tought
  7. Phil

    Phil Super Moderator

    well aware that i havent lost the sortof cash that some you guys may have but, i did lose out on a purchase recently,

    thought the guy had just took the ££ said to himself stuff him, its not that big a sum (and he would have been right) because i had little interest in a dispute or row with him over the issue, (product not in working condition)

    but a few unanswered (fairly mature) PMs later (and few weeks) and the guy PMs me to say, here i still have to clear that up with you, would x amount cover the problem.

    they're ARE decent people out there so,

    assume the best. be nice to people, dont go calling names.
    buy carefully.

  8. Jay

    Jay Admin

    That's actually correct. I have had a few surprises in the past that reassures me there are decent folks out there. Example?

    Back in the mists of time I paid a member in Wales £100 for a front bumper. He was having trouble getting it shipped then disappeared for around six months. I notched it down to experience and moved on.

    Out of the blue I get a PM explaining he had been doing time and had just been released. Lo and behold a bumper arrives the next week and it cost him £70 to get shipped.

    The only problem is this is the exception, not the rule.
  9. Starlet_Sam

    Starlet_Sam Moderator, Regional Area Reps Supervisor & Gay Car

    What I've seen done before on other forums is pictures must include a scrap of paper with the forum name, date and user name. Simple enough for every member to do and proves genuine pics.
  10. Jay

    Jay Admin

    It's an idea Sam.

    Sellers please discuss! :)
  11. Starlet_Sam

    Starlet_Sam Moderator, Regional Area Reps Supervisor & Gay Car

    I personally think that it's something that is so easy to do, and makes the sale a lot more trustworthy.
  12. Gee

    Gee Paid Member

    Yeah why not!

    Good idea Sam, seen it done on Ebay.

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