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Discussion in 'ENGINE' started by Olexandr, Nov 30, 2016.

  1. Olexandr

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    what to do with this vacume line, if i want to relocate my Air filter to the front ??


    Also, is it any different getting air relocation kit ?

    If air filter sits behind the grill will it be catching all the crap from the road and car infront ? Will it damage turbo and will it need changing regularly.

    For example roads are covered in salt just now so its flying into the grill from car infront , will air filter get clogged if right infront ?
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  2. Rev

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    Because these cars have small engines you sometimes could mount a larger engine filter so when the outer half gets covered in salt, snow, rain etc the inner half still has enough clean surface area for the engine capacity and boost level.
  3. Olexandr

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    do you have to remap or anything like that after filter relocation

    Im noticing more turbo lag but when it kicks in its wheelspins like fuck ! ( maybe cos its icy but jeez)
  4. Rev

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    Sounds like you are noticing the difference. Timing map does adjust with cooler air can make a difference and in proper condition the map sensor should pickup the more boost from the extra air and fuel accordingly if you boost higher than your injectors or pump handle or rev higher than your map allows that's not so good.

    I am not sure about wheel spin mapping but off boost the o2 sensor will adjust some fuel when it sees extra air and this should happen can happen on cruise depending on ecu type and settings. For ct9 turbo 15psi is the max boost usually advised here.
    The ecu map does get slightly tweaked by more air but it depends on a lot of setup factors how your spool responds.
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    I made a great Air Relocation manual which is available on this forum and it does wonders WITH the AC in place.
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  7. Condev1990

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    Hey mate thanks for the great instructions! Two questions...

    What did you do with the plug from the original factory location?not sure what the name of this is.

    Also what did you do with the vacuum line that is connected to the factory plastic intake? The nipple just off the pipe from the turbo.

    Thanks in advance!
  8. davehart

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    The vacum line that goes back into the intake you can leave open as thats the exit for the boost solenoid.

    The plug, I'm not sure which plug you mean?
  9. Condev1990

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  10. Condev1990

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    Hey mate plug is the one I have cable ties fo the strut brace..this is the plug that is off the factory air filter

  11. davehart

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    Not sure what thats for on the top of my head, might be somethng to do with the aircon system.

    I'll have a look under the hood of mine in the morning to see what it is.

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