Almost finished getting my ep91 GT ready for compliance...NZ

Discussion in 'The Welcome Section' started by GTusoStarlet, Mar 8, 2020.

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    apologies for the shit grammar ...not long got this ep82..the guy i got it off had spent a bit of time and money getting it about 90% ready for compliance as it was deregistered(which he had just found out upon purchase) and had just blown the engine, so with a freshly rebuilt second hand engine he began to get it ready for re compliance, i got it running mint.. in DEC 2019 she went for her first compliance check and failed on rear seat belts, some welding has to be signed off by an engineer and suspension needs to be re adjusted back to the certification height, ive found some BC golds and im sorting an engineer to sign off the welding done by a motorcycle mechanic who also welds silos for a living. shes got a garrett GT28 turbo,custom manifold, tial wastegate, tial bov, front mount intercooler honda integra injectors., stock internals on a freshly rebuilt bottom, looking to add a bit more strength and reliability so was thinking a forged bottom end pistons rods and bearings and head bolts,,,have found some wossner 1mm over 75mm bore pistons..can anyone recommend some more supporting to the turbo a diesel turbo lifted mud truck guy lol..but this lil thing is so fun

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    also it has adjustable boost, at about 15psi its pretty hectic, wondering what sorta power it could make as is,,and what it could make with a forged bottom
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    Welcome to the site bud, hope it proves useful :cool:

    Looks like a cracking little mk2 GT you got there. A lot of us are hitting rust issues at this stage so we can feel your pain with the welding!

    The only GT28 GT I've seen local would be Phil's old track car. He was making some good figures and it was an absolute animal on the track. His build thread is here:

    Might take a bit of reading as he was quite thorough. One thing I'd say is that if you don't have a LSD box it's well worth getting.
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    Hey mate, cheers for the welcome, yep forgot to mention she has and LSD box, probably a few other things i missed like turbosmart adjustable fuel regulator. thanks for the link will definitely have a read
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    Square lamps look cool as f!

    Nice GT
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    Welcome along buddy :)
    I have sat in Phil's track GT round our local track o_O think it was only running 330HP he mentioned that day lol
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    welcome...hope you enjoy the starlet

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