Another rolling road day made 359bhp

Discussion in 'Rolling Road Section' started by mark1991, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. mark1991

    mark1991 Paid Member

    I was asked along to a rolling road day at wallace performance this morning with gary91 and jordk and a few other people from aberdeenshire.

    I was unsure where to go or not as i have only changed the air filter and raised the boost from 1.5bar to just under 1.7bar, but i needed a video and thought i would like to see it on the rollers :p

    Matty said a few tweaks to the ignition map could be made to get the boost to come in a wee bit earlier but apart from that spot on.

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  2. Chris_GlanzaV98

    Chris_GlanzaV98 Paid Member

    Best get changing your signature then mark !

    Great result mate chuffed for you ! Mon doon and gees a run im dyeing for boost coz mines is away being forged :( haha

    Tdo5 ?
  3. mark1991

    mark1991 Paid Member

    O aye... will do! Ats some drive to give u a run lol it will be well worth the wait! yes TD05H
  4. Chris_GlanzaV98

    Chris_GlanzaV98 Paid Member

    Might just be me but thats a much better sig lol

    Haha im only kidden bud, but if your ever down glasgow give us a shout hopefully get a look at a pre summer meet when i get mine back hopefully end of this month

    Absoloutly cannot wait!
  5. turboloon

    turboloon Registered User +

    thats mental min 360 bhp from a 1.3!!!..great result loon:)
  6. skevosEP91

    skevosEP91 Registered User +

    great result mate!!!!!!!!!!!!! cams or any headwork done???
  7. mark1991

    mark1991 Paid Member

    We shall have a meet in Breamar in the summer Chris_GlanzaV98 ;)

    ported, polished and gas flowed, valves cut on 3 angles, chambers matched. no cams...yet
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  8. hubbygt

    hubbygt Paid Member

    whats your spec lad?
  9. Chris_GlanzaV98

    Chris_GlanzaV98 Paid Member

    Sure mark ! Sounds sick, look forward to it

    Who done your head work ?
  10. mark1991

    mark1991 Paid Member

  11. jake oneill

    jake oneill Fresh Recruit

    the ftlbs is very weak on it whys that ?
  12. GTwayne

    GTwayne Paid Member

  13. AdamB

    AdamB Registered User +

    Its a 4e ;)

    Good going Mark, whats your rev limit set at?
  14. Chris_GlanzaV98

    Chris_GlanzaV98 Paid Member

    Looks hreat man ! Would love yo get some headwirk done as this shows great gains, priorities though :p
  15. Lawrence

    Lawrence Registered User +

    Thats a lot of power for a starlet would love to experience that. Wonder how long a forged engine will handle that.
  16. Chris_GlanzaV98

    Chris_GlanzaV98 Paid Member

    Suppose it depends on the power rating or the tune, im sure it is in perfect condition :)
  17. Murray

    Murray Registered User +

    360 hp on 460cc injectors?? They must be flat out!
    Rory had 440cc IIRC and at 230 whp they were way above 90% duty?

    Anyhow nice numbers! 12s should be a breeze at crail now.

  18. ryan-11

    ryan-11 Paid Member

    Nice :D u need to try it at 2 bar now :p
  19. rwdrev

    rwdrev Registered User +

    this is why i dont really trust wallace......
  20. GP82

    GP82 Registered User +

    He has a FPR.

    Great result mate.

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