Autofixed Petbeeber Exhaust ??

Discussion in 'Wanted section' started by Djaniero, Sep 6, 2019.

  1. Djaniero

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    Probs stand a better chance of finding some gold hens teeth lol...but worth a try.
    Has anyone got a Autofixed (fitted and supplied by Petbeemer way back in the day) exhaust laying around anywhere by any chance? They have a really nice burble to them without sounding intrusively loud:

    I had one years ago on my old GT, and by far the best sounding Starlet exhaust I ever had.
    Fast Forward to 2 years ago, I managed to find one, removed the back-box recently as the baffles had gone.

    However after trying 2 other backboxes from my Exhaust Fab, they just don't sound as mean as the autofixed system :s . My GT now sounds like a civic lol.

    If anyone has one laying around let me know.

  2. SKINY

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    You could get the backbox re-packed surley bud ?
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  3. Jay

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    It must be well over a decade since I heard mention of Pete.

    Bugger beat me to a GT I was buying from Trevor ages ago :D

    Looks like Autofixed are still on the go, fire them an email?

    Key contact details for Autofixed
    0845 519 2032
    Email business
    Unit 4A, New Mills, Derbyshire, SK223JL
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  4. Djaniero

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    I should have done that initially tbh. But the Autofixed box I have now is like a japstyle can, which is a bit louder and not as deep as the old one I had in the above vid.
    So I got my Exhaust Fab to supply me a new oval box- pretty much the same size/style as the one in the vid, but it sounds sooo. No nice burble now...just a deep quiet ish sound with no character....I'm a picky bugger I know lol.

    Starting to show our age now hey Jay :D

    lol....was it the 2 Tone GT Advance by anychance that he ended up using as the Autofixed Demo Car?

    Thanks for the contact. I spoke to Pete on FB last year...and has nothing to do with them anymore unfortunately...maps cars now from what he said.
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  5. Jay

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    Nah was a greenish black mk1, bit of a weapon, k24 with all the trimmings.

    Sounds like you hit a dead end unfortunately.

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