Best td04 setup on stock internals

Discussion in 'ENGINE' started by kalibwenm2, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. kalibwenm2

    kalibwenm2 Fresh Recruit

    Hello everyone...i've finally made up my mind towards going td04. However, i jave a few concerns.

    First of all, i would like to know how much of a difference would an equal length or an unequal length manifold setup make with a td04 on stock 4efte internals?

    Secondly, how hard will the td04, at 1bar of boost, be on my stock tranny, with an uprated clutch only?

    Your contributions will be very much appreciated, thanks in advance...cheers ✌
  2. dac69er

    dac69er Super Moderator

    You won't notice any real world difference with either type of manifold. Just go for whatever suits your budget.

    As for the box. Unless your drag racing it or doing constant burnouts in mcdonalds car park to impress 15 year old girls, it will be fine.
  3. kalibwenm2

    kalibwenm2 Fresh Recruit

    Alright, i was just curious, cuz i read somewhere that an unequal length manifold will allow the turbo to spool earlier, and give better midrange. Where as an equal length will spool a little late, but will provide good power at the topend.

    Therefore, i might go with the unequal length, as it will help the td04 to spool up a little earlier...but i'm pretty sure i will loose in drag race...
  4. kalibwenm2

    kalibwenm2 Fresh Recruit

    What's the best clutch kit to get for this kinda setup...mind you it is my daily driven, and i'm not too much of an unsprung
  5. dac69er

    dac69er Super Moderator

    like i said, you wont notice any difference. its all minimal at best. on a dyno you may see a difference, but that is it.

    exedy organic or paddle clutches are sprung and not too bad to use. if you are going to be doing any actual racing like a trackday or drag event, then the paddle clutch will be your best bet.
    if you just want it as a pure street car, then the organic would be a little nicer to live with but still survive the power when you gave it some now and then.
  6. Hi Kalib, i am currently running td04 on a stock setup, with a longer branch than standard(as it was the only 1 i could afford at the time).

    The spool up time is a little longer than a ct9 and the difference in lag can be felt but the way the power is delivered and the feel of it is worth it. i am currently running 1.0bar of boost with no problems. Motor still sounds healthy and my standard gearbox with luk oem replacement clutch runs fine, no uprated clutch needed.

    I do have a standalone ecu so the car is tuned correctly to handle that boost on stock.
  7. kalibwenm2

    kalibwenm2 Fresh Recruit

    Thanks guys, your advice are well taken. Looks like i will be getting the organic clutch, with a good tune on a Link ECU.

    One more thing, before my friend makes a bad there such thing as a chipped standard 4efte ecu, with an integrated anti-lag system? o_O:(:confused::D
  8. SKINY

    SKINY Registered User +

    Chipped standard ECU with anti lag = lmao
    Certainly there are different ECU,s available that plug and play from the likes of blitz, Tom's, Jam racing etc. These are essentially factory ECU,s with an extra board inside to run higher rev limit, fuel cut etc but Never heard one with anti-lag
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  9. Jay

    Jay Admin

    Sounds like BS to me lol.

    The Link should do everything he needs TBH.
  10. kalibwenm2

    kalibwenm2 Fresh Recruit

    Lmao...thought so too...i would understand if it was the ME211 ecu, which fits in the standard case, and it has the launch control option, but we'll have to open it up, and see for guys, thanks fot your help, i'll be ordering the upgrades soon.

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  11. dac69er

    dac69er Super Moderator

    could be one of these ecu's with a bee-R or similar slapped on?
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  12. SKINY

    SKINY Registered User +

    Possibly, anything is possible after all bud. But the Bee-R is wired into the loom not directly into the ECU. That said now I mind seeing an ECU with an external box with some knobs on hmmm. Think it was on jap auction site
  13. kalibwenm2

    kalibwenm2 Fresh Recruit

    Is tunningdevelopments still in operation, as i've been trying to message them, but no feedbacks.

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