[Blitz/K1/K24/K26 turbo owner list] setups, performances, pics...

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    As stated above this thread is for all Blitz Turbo Owners if you own one and are running a Blitz setup then please feel free to post up your spec sheet or U2U me and i will gladly add you to the list.



    Apexi Power FC / Blitz K24 Turbo Kit / RR Mild Steel Manifold / Evo FMIC with custom pipework / 3G Big Brake kit with Wilwood calipers. / SARD Sports Radiator / SARD RRFPR Package / SARD Racing thermostat / RX7 460cc Injectors / NGK Irradium Plugs / Blitz Spec S Boost Controller / Apexi Air Filter relocated to front bumper / / ORC309 Clutch & Lightened Flywheel / HKS SSQ BOV / Magnecor HT Leads / D2 Full Coilover Set / Full 2.25 Custom Exhaust system / Greddy Electronic Water Temp Gauge / Cusco Oil Catch Can / Section Engine Damper Kit / Denso Uprated Fuel pump / 1.3 Bar Radiator Cap.

    Engine Bay Pics: Pic 1 Pic 2Pic 3
    Power Output: 190 ATF @ 0.9 Bar & 192 fpt (Safety Map untill i have AVC-R and Sports Radiator installed)
    Rolling Road Printout: Rolling road proof
    1/4 Mile: Not yet


    Engine Mods:
    4e-fte Engine, CRUISE POWER Metal Headgasket, CRUISE POWER Valve Springs, BLITZ Turbo, BLITZ External Wastegate,BLITZ Downpipe, BLITZ Dual Drive BOV, BLITZ Front Mount Intercooler, BLITZ Oil Filler Cap, BLITZ Iridium Plugs, JAM Manifold, JAM Cooling Panel, HKS FCD, ULTRA Blue Point Leads, SECTION Engine Damper, HKS HiPower Backbox, Stainless Steel Exhaust Piping, SARD Fuel Regulator, PIVOT/RAIZIN Volt Stabilizer, PIVOT/RAIZIN Earthing Kit, ARIAS Forge Pistons, Pauter Billet Chromely Rods, Anti-Lift Kit, Greddy Emanage Ultimate, Stock Ecu

    Transmission Setup:
    CUSCO Type-C 1-Way LSD, OGURA Racing Clutch, OGURA Racing Flywheel (4.1kg)

    Suspension Setup:
    BUDDY CLUB Race Spec Coilovers, CUSCO Type-OS Front Strut, CUSCO Lower Arm Bar, RS'R Panhard Rod

    Brake Setup:
    3G 20 Grooved Front Discs, Stock Rear Discs, TOM'S Brake Master Cylinder, EARL'S Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines, Green Stuff Brake Pads


    Power was 212bhp at the fly when I ran a 13.2 @ 103mph running 0.9bar of boost.

    After some few tweaks I was running stock ecu at 1bar of boost and managed a 12.9E.T. @ 107mph with the same 60ft as the previous 13.2.

    On 17/08/2007 - 12.70 @ 107mph running 16psi of boost ;)

    Now I have the emanage on but still havnt tried a time with the car yet. Soon will be pushing around 1.5bar of boost or more depends on the detonation and we'll see whats possible.

    Pics: coming soon.

    TEAM EP-789 - pavlos

    blitz k24 on sard manifold and sard ext.wastegate, link g3 ecu , denso 360cc injectors, front mount intercooler, greddy exhaust, walbro fuel pump , sard fuel regulator, AEM wideband.
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    P.S will these be made into stickys as the per the old site or a will a new domain be made up specifically for them ?
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    I assume this aint going to become a sticky then ?
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    be patient little grasshopper
  5. Dane_Bristol

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    he he, ok well i do suppose they are very very busy changing things over my bad. Il wait :)
  6. Glanza-V

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    Il join you soon , just Need to write uop the spec & get results
  7. Mart

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    I'll join you aswell, I'll write up my specs in the next few days and e-mail them on... :)
  8. Dane_Bristol

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    Yes guys please do :)
  9. glanza300

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    blitz k26

    driving a 97 glanza running a 5e engine bored out to 1540cc using a 5e head with cruise valve springs, 265 cams, ported polished and skimmed, walbro fuel pump, 440cc injectors, ross racing low com pistons, pauter rods, knife edge crank,front mount cooler, oil cooler, custom 3"exhaust, sard mani, external waste gate, blitz k26 turbo,screamer pipe, down pipe, jam racing fcd, greddy emanage blue,profec e0-1 boost controller,trd lsd,cruise head gasket,custom made lightened fly wheel, excedy clutch, i think dats it just down being mapped shud have rr printout nxt week
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  10. Glanza-V

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  11. glanza300

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    yeah it only took 2 yrs to get to this stage lol! looking fowardto seen the final result
  12. gorganl2000

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    yo boss.........are u sure about the 1640cc part......from my calculations that would imply u use 77.5mm diameter pistons---3.5mm over from the oem 74mm pistons
    {22/7*[(3.875)^2]*8.7}*4 = 1642cc

    what have u done to your 5e block to accomodate this boring.....as the cylinder walls are very thin as is........do u even have cylinder walls?--or built up sleeves?......thanks for any info

    or the block was somehow lenthened?
  13. Sharagath

    Sharagath Paid Member

    i think his stroke is bigger than normal as i see this mod;
    -knife edge crank
    and with a bigger bore maby it would be possible, i have seen stroker kits for the 5E-FE.
  14. gorganl2000

    gorganl2000 Registered User +

    i think knife egde has something to do with lightening the crank and the way parts of it are kind of "knifed" shaped in the process

    but u may be right......for sure its either boring.....longer stroke.... or both

    and u have any more info on where to find stroker kits for the 5efe?
  15. glanza300

    glanza300 Paid Member

    i do apologize 1540cc
  16. gorganl2000

    gorganl2000 Registered User +

    ok thank you for that clarification.........cuase i know my maths and what can reasonably be achived from the 5e (its limits)---though i would have been VERY happy if some1 got 1600++ cc from it and it was working still

    guess u are using 75mm pistons then........approximately 1538cc

    great mods though dude

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