boost leak???

Discussion in 'ENGINE' started by pops365, Dec 30, 2008.

  1. pops365

    pops365 Fresh Recruit

    i seem to have a boost leak but not quite sure ,at high revs the boost drops from.65 to around .45 ,iv checked all the piping on my intercooler etc and everything seems to be tight ,im thinkin the actuator might be on the way out but not sure,any advise greatly appreciated!!cheers lads
  2. cole

    cole Paid Member

    can you state your mods mate also what turbo you using etc
  3. CMR

    CMR Paid Member

    It will be your old tired actuator, get a new adjustable one and the boost will hold to the redline.
  4. pops365

    pops365 Fresh Recruit

    i just have a gutted cat ,induction kit and dv like nothing major at all,runnin standard ct9 on standard boost,ya i guessed it was the actuator cheers cmr and cole for the replys.i must get a hks one asap so!!!
  5. Rory

    Rory Paid Member

    Tha standard actuator will not be holding boost very well.
    Upgrade to the HKS unit, and it will hold until the redline.
  6. pops365

    pops365 Fresh Recruit

    thanks a lot lads,but there is a bit of a screaming at high revs as if there is a leak somewhere???
  7. cole

    cole Paid Member

    you no when you gutted the cat

    dont supose maybe its not sealing right

    this could cause the boost to drop off

    just check for any exhaust leaks ? this may be the screaming your hearing ?
  8. pops365

    pops365 Fresh Recruit

    ya i was thinkin that might the problem too,i think il get a new actuator and a de cat pipe anyway,hopefully that will sort it
  9. cole

    cole Paid Member

    well if you leave ur car on then go put your hand near the flanges on the cat

    then youl feel if theres any gas leaking

    and if it is you could just put some exhaust paste on it where its blowing from and save yourself the price of an actuater
  10. pops365

    pops365 Fresh Recruit

    well im planning on doing a bit to the engine anyway,a new mani is on the way so i might as well replace it while its all out like,save a bit of hassle in the long run,cheers man
  11. cole

    cole Paid Member

    no worries mate its up 2 u

    what mani u thinking of going for ?
    are you sticking with ct9 or going bigger ?
  12. pops365

    pops365 Fresh Recruit

    its a vortex one from pro parts ,iv never heard any bad publicity about them so...,il stick wit the ct9 im hopin to achieve around the 160bhp mark and that will do,i have a cat back exhaust to go on too but i have to sort the fueling etc first,i had it on for a while and it was over boosting like fcuk and hittin fuel cut when i had it on before

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