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Discussion in 'DRIVETRAIN' started by Paddy, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. Paddy

    Paddy Registered User +

    ever since ive had my glanza i have had the clutch rattle (not sure if it is the clutch but the noise goes away when u put ur foot on the pedal) now i have a paddle clutch and the rattle is even worse, its a really loud rattle and im getting so fed up with it. is there any way of stopping it? none of my mates starlets do it anywhere near the level of mine
  2. mad_max926

    mad_max926 Registered User +

    myn also rattles both before and after i fitted my blitz active clutch, so does my mates pretty sure its a a ccommon fault/problem
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  3. dac69er

    dac69er Super Moderator

    if it has done it on 2 boxes, then its possibly a gearbox problem. input shaft bearings is a high possibility
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  4. Paddy

    Paddy Registered User +

    im thinking gearbox problem, ah well, i bought the gearbox from gt bitz and it whines like fuck and grinds into second. im gonna drive it til it goes i reckon, then get a new one which will hopefully be good. cheers
  5. weeJohn

    weeJohn Paid Member

    It could be the release bearing if it has not been changed.
  6. callum

    callum Paid Member

    Yea release bearing wines in mine everynow and again.. But its not broken. Taken box off now nd changed it. So il see if its still dose it some times. Nd iv 4 good boxs if anyone wants one
  7. Tim@TBDevelopments

    Tim@TBDevelopments Paid Member

    sounds like rattly release bearing to me if it goes away when you put your foot on the clutch. when they get noisy they often sound like the bottom end is about to fall out when foot is off the peddle.

    another thing is I've had quite a few exedy clutches play up recently where the dampening springs loose tension and rattle, and also another fault where the rivets holding the friction plate together back out and allow the middle spring part to rattle compared to the friction material on the outside. Very poor quality at the moment, bad few batches maybe as I've used exedy for years and been perfect but recently seem to have gone to shit.

    Another one with the blitz active they do rattle like any single or twin plate clutch system that uses a floater plate under the pressure fingers. when you take the pressure away this floating plate rattles in its tolerance clearance. in this case that's totally normal, designed that way and not a problem or failure so mad_max926 don't worry on that.

    Tim :)
  8. Paddy

    Paddy Registered User +

    its a new clutch and release bearing. im thinking its an internal problem
  9. 123*stumpy

    123*stumpy Untrusted Seller

    X2 on release bearing
  10. Tim@TBDevelopments

    Tim@TBDevelopments Paid Member

    so its defo had new release bearing and what brand was the clutch?

    Tim :)
  11. mad_max926

    mad_max926 Registered User +

    Hi tim,

    Yeah the blitz active is noisy I do realise when you put your foot on clutch u get the pneumatic drill sound, however when the car is neutral it sometimes sounds like the engine is knocking until I put my foot on the clutch once or twice then it quietens down. My mate is runnin standard clutch and his makes the same sound As well as another friends which has led me to not worry about it too much

    Cheers max
  12. corofin12345

    corofin12345 Paid Member

    same problem, have had 3 clutch changes in the last 2 years, 3 different kits and still the same, i put it down to the input shaft bearing..goes away when you clutch in, whines too as you go up through the gears.. gears dont grind so i drive her on
  13. Tim@TBDevelopments

    Tim@TBDevelopments Paid Member

    you mean neutral as in clutch pedal isn't depressed at all?

    mmm if its doing it then like you say it does sound like there is something else with play in the system

    Tim :)
  14. AdamB

    AdamB Registered User +

    I get this as well, typical Toyota whine :)
  15. Tim@TBDevelopments

    Tim@TBDevelopments Paid Member

    the whines are normally a noisy input bearing, my original gearbox was silent but only did 30k miles then i bought a factory LSD unit which I rebuild to new before fitting so that's was silent as well. so the whine is an age thing.

    Tim :)

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