Coolant Housing Temp Sensor

Discussion in 'ELECTRICAL' started by GP82, Jun 25, 2018.

  1. GP82

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    Hi i'm looking for a part number for the one pin sensor that sits directly below the main green coolant temp sensor on a M3 EP82. I think it's for the cluster temp guage.

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  2. Jay

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    Potentially this one..


    A quick google image search gives us this:


    Which looks right but the diagrams are crap as usual!
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  3. GP82

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    That is the right one, there's another one pin but its bigger. In the diagrams they all look the same :eek: Thanks!
  4. Jay

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    No worries dude. I would offer a second hand one but they seem cheap enough new so I'd recommend that instead.

  5. GP82

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    Thanks Jay! Well I asked me local Toyota, they said 43 squids, :eek::eek: but I found a replacement on ebay and amazon for £15:cool:
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