Coolant Temp Sensor Plug??

Discussion in 'ELECTRICAL' started by Djaniero, May 13, 2019.

  1. Djaniero

    Djaniero Registered User +

    Can anyone confirm what this wiring plug is?
    I snapped it the other day fitting a new turbo kit. I assume it is some kind of coolant sensor plug, as it hooked up to a spade terminal near the thermostat housing (on the engine block) , then clipped into a small loom on the gearbox.


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  2. H_D

    H_D Paid Member

    thats for the dash temp gauge
  3. Jay

    Jay Admin

    Is it?

    Always thought it was aircon related lol. I've run engines without it in the past but I should have a spare one knocking about the shed.
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  4. Djaniero

    Djaniero Registered User +

    Thanks guys.

    Cheers Jay. Please let me know :)
  5. SKINY

    SKINY Registered User +

    What's air con :confused::D
  6. H_D

    H_D Paid Member

    My bad lol. Didn look at the pictures properly
  7. Djaniero

    Djaniero Registered User +

    Ahh ok. So its not needed then? I ripped my aircon out years ago lol.

    I just assumed it had something to do eith coolant temp as its place in the same area ad the glanza one. Although the glanza has, 2 plugs. This one and a green one looking at pics.
  8. gorganl2000

    gorganl2000 Registered User +

    i also thought it was to do with the temperature set up----either ecu, dash gauge or fan
  9. H_D

    H_D Paid Member

    The glanza has a similar slide plug for the temp gauge. Im guessing this is for a GT.
  10. Djaniero

    Djaniero Registered User +

    Guys, I took some better pics. Looking at it again maybe it is just for aircon?
    Am I correct in thinking that the other 2 sensors to the right of the circled sensor (which I snapped the wiring on) are the coolant temp sensors?

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  11. H_D

    H_D Paid Member

    air con related as Jay said. that port is blocked off with a nut on my glanza. I wouldn't worry about it

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