Cracked the 300bhp mark :)

Discussion in 'Rolling Road Section' started by el_man, Mar 11, 2013.

  1. el_man

    el_man Paid Member

    Got it dyno'd the other weekend at devil developments on there dyno dynamics, quick spec forge'd td05 16g kms ecu all that lark

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  2. Gary91

    Gary91 Paid Member

    well done. how much boost you running?
  3. Phil

    Phil Super Moderator

    Super stuff!

    hope you get plenty of enjoyment out of the car el_man.

  4. jayc-glanza17

    jayc-glanza17 Paid Member

    gd result lad, i wont be far behind as im similar spec matey..
    what boost did u run??
    and isit a stock td05-16g?
  5. hookie663

    hookie663 Registered User +

    Sounding good mate
  6. mark1991

    mark1991 Paid Member

    good stuff lad! you will love it :)
  7. tonygt

    tonygt Registered User +

    See you around ...well done
  8. jayc-glanza17

    jayc-glanza17 Paid Member

    is the 300bhp figure, at the wheels or flywheel?
  9. Phil

    Phil Super Moderator

    Flywheel guaranteed.

  10. jayc-glanza17

    jayc-glanza17 Paid Member

    as on the ukso his build thread he talks about running 22 psi and getting it mapped to up boost..
    be interesting to see a full graph with torque as well..
  11. mudi

    mudi Paid Member

    Exellent mate. Thats great to hear.
  12. socks

    socks Registered User +

    get your results posted on elman!
  13. el_man

    el_man Paid Member

    cheers peeps the dyno said im running 1.7 bar :) future plans are a worked head, gt30 n some meth :)

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