ct9 chatter sound.

Discussion in 'ENGINE' started by sramah1, Jul 3, 2012.

  1. sramah1

    sramah1 Fresh Recruit

    hi guys,

    how do i get a chatter sound on my 97 glanza.
    its running on its stock ct9 turbo, k&n apollo kit air filter.

    some people say that i have to remove the vacuum pipe going in the DV.

    PLS HELP;)
  2. squidge218

    squidge218 Registered User +

  3. sramah1

    sramah1 Fresh Recruit

    hi mate,

    will it damage the turbo.

    i've a couple of glanza & starlet Gt with a chatter sound.
  4. studoc72

    studoc72 Registered User +

    Its one of those cases where opinions differ from experience ive never seen it do any damage to a turbo its one of those cases where it can never be proven. I myself dont believe it does any damage ive seen many cars run this set up for years with no hassle. Its a case of removing your Bov/DV and blocking off the pipe. This would normally release the excess pressure when you come off boost instead the air travels back thru the turbo the opposite direction and the noise it caused by the air hitting off the turbines and if you ask me sounds a damn lot better than a DV.
  5. sramah1

    sramah1 Fresh Recruit

    so i need to remove my dv?
  6. sramah1

    sramah1 Fresh Recruit

    some people say i need to remove the vacuum that goes in the DV.
  7. akyakapotter

    akyakapotter Registered User +

    Remove dv vac and block up with a bolt I ran my ct9 with no bov for months it was fine now run td04 with no bov again it's fine :D
  8. studoc72

    studoc72 Registered User +

    Yep you can leave the DV on there and just block the small VAC pipe this will prevent the DV from opening.
  9. sramah1

    sramah1 Fresh Recruit

    what's the best DV that i can use on my 97 glanza.
  10. studoc72

    studoc72 Registered User +

    Blitz or HKS are the best but they cost a small fortune unless you can get one 2nd hand. Baileys are cheaper but not too poular as they leak when you are driving on the motorway if you can put up with the hissing they are good enough.
  11. Blak_Mamber

    Blak_Mamber Paid Member

    For some reason I get both chatter and the dump from the blitz BOV.. I can pretty much control the sound it makes by how lightly or quickly I release my foot from the accelerator. I’m also using CT9, front mounted filter, FMIC etc..
  12. sramah1

    sramah1 Fresh Recruit

    thanks lovely people.:)
  13. H_D

    H_D Paid Member

    Greddy DVs are by far the best
  14. squidge218

    squidge218 Registered User +

    i just got rid of my baileys and purchased a forge dv
  15. Pick1

    Pick1 Fresh Recruit

    In my experience I had never had an issue with chatter I had it chatter for four years on a ct9 and now chatter on my td04 set up but I prefer that noise instead of a dv
  16. twaiter

    twaiter Registered User +

    im the same as some of the guys above, i blocked off my bailey vac pipe and had a small blocked of pipe on the intake mani, this gave me the chatter sound which i like, but it takes that bit longer to spool back up when flooring it.
    i can understand how this may be bad for the turbo seals as their is then extra pressure comming in the opposite direction that its used to as the blades chop the air so to speak, but ive not had any issues running like this.

    i changed dv again with another baileys and i noticed that with the same setup as above i had a bit of boost leak, maybe the spring on the dv had weakened causing this? i put the dv back on and it boosted fine. ( strangely enough 5 mins later i blew a boost pipe of the IC) but thas another story.

    Some like it, some hate it! I LOVE IT!
  17. marty

    marty Paid Member

    I've just installed a front mount intercooler and I now get chatter sometimes when just pottering along but when giving it the beans it will still make the "psst" sound. It's a HKS SSQV 3 and it sounds the shit!
  18. corofin12345

    corofin12345 Paid Member

    i get that on all dv's with relocated filter, as you said, you fiddle with the pedal to get either

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