differance between the 4efte cams and the 5efhe ones photos inside

Discussion in 'ENGINE' started by billybob, Jul 2, 2010.

  1. billybob

    billybob Untrusted Seller

    just an idea of the differance in the cams if people thinking of putting 5efhe cams into there engines

    4E-FTE EP82 cams:
    Intake - 7.60mm lift
    Exhaust - 7.40mm lift

    5E-FHE cams:
    Intake lift - 8.25mm lift
    Exhaust lift - 7.70mm lift

    Profile comparison photos:


    hopefully this can be a sticky as alot of people do ask about the differance between the two:)
  2. Mark-ep91

    Mark-ep91 Paid Member

    great info rep added should be a sticky:rockon:
    what would you gain with putting in these cams say if you had td04 at 1 bar?
  3. billybob

    billybob Untrusted Seller

    i not to sure they have been no really dyno results from that.but they do give more topend power from what ive been reading on the net about them
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  4. Mark-ep91

    Mark-ep91 Paid Member

    if i find a set handy so ill throw um in thanks for the info:)
  5. finx

    finx Paid Member

    how did you get your measurements if you dont mind me asking billybob

    Hard to say what kind of gains would be made from using 5efhe cams in another engine.

    you will make more Hp but predominantly more torque. remember they are a cam designed for naturally aspirated engines not forced induction, the differences in cam design between the two is immense

    The higher lift allows more air into the combustion chamber so an increase in HP

    because of the N/a grind they posses, the duration on these cams is much longer than that you would expect from a turbo cam. thus the LSA (lobe separation angle) is greater creating a lower pressure and heat reduction on the exhaust side which will increase turbo lagg slightly but helps engine torque.

    so much more to it cams are an art in themselves and it would be a bold man (unless he is a cam maker) to claim how much power increase this would make.
    i have dont some lengthy wright ups in the past just have a search if you want to know more.

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  6. whiteglanzav

    whiteglanzav Paid Member

    good info eric
  7. billybob

    billybob Untrusted Seller

    it just nice to know they are a little bigger than 4efte ones:haha:
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  8. Ted

    Ted Paid Member

    thats all well and good , but as the 4efte cams are the same as naturally aspirated 4efe ones , the turbo cams were no better, so dont see your point:(

    HYBRID Super Moderator <a href="http://www.toyotagtturbo.

    now thats one epic overlay!! very nicely done bob!

    i tried to give u some rep for it, but it says i gotta spread the love 1st lol....

  10. finx

    finx Paid Member

    interesting, i wasnt aware that the 4efe and 4efte cams are the same but you learn something new every day.
    in saying that it doesnt surprise me one bit. toyota being toyota cross parts over everywhere they can to save money / make things easier
    i would say the cams were probably designed for the 4efte as they produced enough of them to justify specing them to suit the higher performance application. The 4efe hardly being a high performance engine wouldnt have gained much from a more suited n/a cam obviously.

    anyone know if the 5efe cams are also the same as 4efte and fe?

    i can see where your coming from but unless you know of fhe cams being used in another engine and that engine being forced induction or you know for sure that the 5efhe cams are the same duration as the 4efte cams then my point still stands. The 5eFHE cams are likely to have a greater duration and LSA than that you would expect from a turbo cam

    i dont know the specifics of the duration of these cams but as a general rule an n/a cam is always going to be longer than that of a forced induction engine as it is benificial for the n/a engine to have a greater LSA and the valves to be open longer to alow it to draw in as much air as possible.

    where as with a forced induction engine the air going into the combustion chamber is pressurized and doesnt need to be drawn in so the valves dont need to be open for as long nor do the valves need to overlap anywhere near as much. the longer the exhaust valve is open whist the inlet is opening the lower the exhaust gas pressure is going to be and the lower the temperature of that exhaust gas. both of these things are huge contributing factors to turbo spool times so not desirable for a turbo application.

    there is so much more to it than that and i have missed out huge chunks of how it all works but you get the idea.

  11. Dave@TM-developments.com

    Dave@TM-developments.com Registered Trader

    Have posted this before, but here all all the specs

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  12. ALaN

    ALaN Registered User +

    Has anyone ever tried fitting the 5efhe inlet cam along with the original 4efte exhaust cam? Would this even work?
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  13. billybob

    billybob Untrusted Seller

    never been tryed i dont think:confused:
  14. RGM1800

    RGM1800 Registered User +

    torque is the best thing that the 5efhe cams can give on your 4efte engine. been using it over 6 mos.
  15. finx

    finx Paid Member

    Has been and can be done.
    One car in particular in the local nz scene made 96kw@wheels running a stock ct9 and exhaust manifold but with the other usual basic supporting mods intake exhaust and 11psi boost plus the Cam configuration above.

    It will aid performance, i havnt sat down and worked out what the cons and pros of running them like this would be specifically but if i was going to the hassle of swapping one cam and reshimming to suit etc i would just do both

    cheers to Dave for supplying some hard evidence.

    im not trying to say dont do it, they have been proven to give power gains.
    I just want people to be aware of the pros and cons of doing the swap and what they are effecting by doing so.

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  16. RGM1800

    RGM1800 Registered User +

    so whats the difference running straight 5efhe cams and 5e in + 4e ex cams?
  17. RGM1800

    RGM1800 Registered User +

    this is a good question. hope somebody can shes some light on this
  18. finx

    finx Paid Member

    Did you juts quote my post without even reading it man? obviously i just wasted my time.

    as i said i havn't sat down and worked out the specifics but here it is simply to answer your comparison question.

    inlet longer duration and much higher lift = more airflow in = more power
    Greater LSA and longer duration both work against turbo applications in terms of response and efficiency but the greater good is the outcome of torque

    exhaust cam staying the same would mean you dont have quite the same duration as both 5e cams and i would think a smaller LSA than running both 5e cams so more suited to turbo characteristics slightly.
    The downside is that whilst you have increased the lift on the inlet side the exhaust side staying the same would mean that your getting more air in but retaining the outlets origonal size so thus choking the process simply by the means of what goes in must come out. (its a bit more complex than that but it is essentially the outcome)

    to reiterate what i have already said yes it can be done and it has been done.

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  19. RGM1800

    RGM1800 Registered User +

    added a rep for you finx and billybob. you guys are awesome

    the downside of our engine is that we cant play with our cam timing. instead of doing that maybe we choose or mix and match cam profiles that will suit our application
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  20. billybob

    billybob Untrusted Seller

    cheers its good info alot of people still ask about the 5efhe cams:)

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