Difference between MT ECU and AUTO ECU??

Discussion in 'ELECTRICAL' started by Turbolover, Dec 8, 2008.

  1. Turbolover

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    I have a stock glanza V with manual transmission but running with an automatic ECU,do you think the performance of the car still the same??Can you tell me the bad effects of it?? Thx.Cheers.
  2. TurboDave

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    Na it will be fine and apparantly the auto ECU has a more aggressive timing map to make up for the auto transmission extra loss.

    I have an auto ecu in my 220bhp EP82.
  3. Jay

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    The auto ECU can be a little less aggressive. Gorgan noted this when he tested them against each other.

    It would do no harm to try a manual ECU if you get the chance dude, there's nothing like finding some easy power. :)
  4. Turbolover

    Turbolover Fresh Recruit

    thx guys,the prob is that i still have my old MT ECU but dont know if it can be repaired..my engine light comes on when i plug it and accelerate up to 2500rpm.Do you think its a loss of time to try to repair it?
  5. Jay

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    Used standard ECU's aren't that expensive. If you can get it repaired for less than £50-ish it's an option but it might be easier just to wait on a used unit appearing locally and buying it.
  6. Rev

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    Would be interested to know Gorgan's figures ?

    The lower auto timing is confirmed in a previous post for boost at :
    0psi - Auto is 30 BTC ; Manual is 40 BTC
    5psi - Auto is 23 BTC ; Manual is 28 BTC
    With proper fueling I have dynoed an auto at 168bhp at 15psi 29C on manual timing and had no issues at 22psi 16C on a manual ecu timing.

    My suggestion is information I wish I knew years ago ie. the ITC is designed for both auto and manual.

    If you look in the Apexi Super ITC_manual there is a setting listed for the EP82 (auto) 89.12-92.1 and 92.1 - 95.12

    Once installed the ITC can give timing as increments to + & - 5 degrees or increments of + & - 15 degrees timing
    the later I presume is for autos.
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  7. gorganl2000

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    hail Rev,
    that was along time ago when i was playing around auto ecu, m/t ecu and jam m/t ecu on my manual conversion glanza
    we did not record any number, but what we noticed was the oem m/t ecu was slightly more aggressive than the oem auto ecu----but as could be expected, the jam m/t ecu topped them all

    hoodey (bajanchameleon), a previous ep91 glanza owner and site member, did do some research/recording and had excel data to back this up, BUT his website was lost ages ago

    i mean if needed, one could buy one of those toyota obd1 readers and literally compare the data

    i eventually ended up using the auto ecu and emu....so it made absolutely no difference in the end as it was tuned to suit :D

    PS the m/t ecu on the auto work perfectly, but throws a code 51 iirc, something about tps as the auto tps is variable, while the m/t tps is not, but as i said, it works perfectly
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  8. Rev

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    Good to hear from you Gorgan the original source. Really nice info on jam and emu too.

    The figures quoted above are adapted from 'hoodey' that site was great !
    a/t manual ecu, safc2 and manual TPS for me had some issues which may be wiring related:
    Neutral would not reduce revs at idle.
    Idle up and electrical load sensing were non functional both were needed for my version of ecu, for the extra engine load the auto torque convertor at standstill and the 420 injectors installed needed extra current draw compensation and an itc.

    However much fun had as I ended up with a cabin switch wired to the idle ups that could be used in lots of ways
    eg. raising the revs on take off higher than some modern cars can achieve in their Racing modes.
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  9. gorganl2000

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    any thing i can help with...i will
    i'm a little confused, though...what exactly is your current set up?...are you running an automatic car with a m/t ecu OR is your car converted from automatic to manual with a m/t ecu?
  10. Rev

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    Auto sera with 4efte EP82 auto box and m/ecu and m/tps.

    From memory there were 3 ecu phases the early first ones were designed for both auto and manual box and were single wire o2 and different speed sensor and lower boost cut.
    My EP82 engine seems to be at the 92 transition as it has single wire o2 no abs but the autobox is a later electronic version.
    The Manual ecu it has is the 92-94 version ecu that comes with heated o2. I think the sera may match the earlier ecu wiring
    for the ac amplifier/idleup which doesn't tie in with the 92-94 ecu pin change due to abs etc.

    I have have tried a lot of auto electricians very unsuccessfully any insight is appreciated as the cars fate must be determined soon.
  11. gorganl2000

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    first things you would need to double check your 5e auto sera dash/engine wiring to the ep82 m/t ecu and 4efte engine you are using. Make sure that everything is in the correct place and all sensors are the same and connected properly.
    does your auto box have ECT?...i know my glanza had this...the mechanic just had to bridge two pins in the auto box connector to get the car to start....no issues since then (2006 iirc)
    that idle up section for the a/c, headlights etc all seem linked to ecu, solenoids and vacuum set up...you need to probably get the schematics and install it if you can get the parts...i suppose with an aftermarket ecu it would be easier to sort???--i dont know?!?
    my conversion was fairly straight forward given i had the ep91/wiring platform for the conversion
    have you tried tercelonline.com..toyotasera.co.uk??..maybe those guys have some insight to these issues coming from a similar base like you
  12. Rev

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    Thanks Gorgan,
    I haven't looked at dash never had dash error light so that's a thought, yes ecu pins are different but
    idle up goes through the AC Computer ( idles up when AC is switched on )
    and the wire colours in are different in vs out to the engine bay and not easy to track.
    Some toyota Ac computers diagrams are online but couldn't find Sera.Terecel site is a good idea though. Sensors are ok other than mentioned.

    Yes ECT transmission I love it, it does have its own computer though so gets a rpm feed from
    somewhere and the gear changes are great.
    ( apart from changing to OD under wrong load ecu probably shouldn't let me do this but being a manual ecu and its OD is a different ratio it doesn't really know. )

    Gorgan thanks for the encouragement I'll give it another go now but should mention the context clouding my judgement is the car chassis recently snapped near the radiator under bar on the passenger side and sadly hasn't fixed itself since I gently garaged it.

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