DIY TD04 Water lines

Discussion in 'Engine / Fueling / Turbo' started by H_D, Feb 2, 2019.

  1. H_D

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    Got my td04 water lines locally for £50 all in. If you source all the parts yourself it will probably be a bit cheaper. If anyone is making their own you will need the following...

    2x m12x1.25 to an6 adaptors
    2x 45 degree an6 fittings.
    An6 braided hose (length varies on different setups)
    2x an6 hose end finishers.

    The an6 hose diameter is a touch smaller than the water pipes on the thermostat housing, dip the hose end in hot water for a few mins and they slide on without much force.
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  2. SKINY

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    We should have this pinned Jay for posterity :cool:
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  3. davehart

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    They look pretty sweet and not bad at all for £50.

    I could imagine a trader charging more for those.
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  4. H_D

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    TD charge £110 for the oil and water lines. I paid £50 for water lines and £20 for the oil lines
  5. SKINY

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    They certainly know how to charge :eek:for 110£ I'd want them fitted and full service done :p
    Must check my local powertran see how much all them fittings would be
  6. davehart

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    Its a good thing to make your own up sometimes if you can, I had to make my own custom ones up for a Celica I had, not sure how much they cost but it was a lot less thatn buying a kit from someone.
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  7. Jay

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    Powertran did a set for me Skiny, handed them the WEPR ones to copy. Was a little cheaper than £50 but that's a fair price for them.
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  8. SKINY

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    Yea its a good price, mine came with the tf035, oil feed brand new. 85£ all in :cool:
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