Emanage Ultimate with 3bar sensor

Discussion in 'Parts for Sale' started by Bullet00th, May 1, 2012.

  1. Bullet00th

    Bullet00th Paid Member

    For sale: Emanage Ultimate E-Series

    Item Condition: Perfect working order

    Price and price conditions: £450

    Extra Info: This ECU was hard wired into my Corolla turbo by Tuning Developments. Is mapped to .55bar on a K24 with launch control switched on. Comes with everything you need ie Harness's, sensor etc. Because its the E-series model it means its the most durable, this is a working ECU!

    Pictures: [​IMG]

    Contact Details: PM or 07712483703

    Location: Warrington, Cheshire

    Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: £7.50
  2. George611

    George611 Paid Member

    Why is it every time i start looking for an ultimate there's none, as soon as i pay out for something one comes up :/ FML lol
  3. turboloon

    turboloon Registered User +

    ^^loll..always seems to be the way ehh!!:)
  4. pilgrim_fgau

    pilgrim_fgau Paid Member

    im interested in this, but correct me if im wrong but are they not £360 new from TD?
  5. Bullet00th

    Bullet00th Paid Member

    That's a bargain if they are :)
  6. Got.Boost

    Got.Boost Paid Member

    Pilgrim_fgau the ecu on its only no wiring or sensor is £549 from tuning developments :)
  7. George611

    George611 Paid Member

    The blues probably 360
  8. pilgrim_fgau

    pilgrim_fgau Paid Member

    I've been speaking to them on Facebook, have a look if you want, they are doing EMU plus harnesses and map sensor for 360 Inc vat, or 549 for the kit plus fitted and mapped
  9. Nick@TD.co.uk

    Nick@TD.co.uk Registered Trader <a href="http://www.TuningD

    That is for the EManage Blue bud :)

    EManage Ultimate is £995.00, supplied, fitted and mapped.


    Mike Jones
    Tuning Developments Ltd
  10. callum

    callum Paid Member

    Well atleast some one round here speaks sence insted of bull****
  11. pilgrim_fgau

    pilgrim_fgau Paid Member

    hardly bullshit... when your told on two different occasions that the price was £549 from TD themselves...prick

    1st occasion:

    Andy Mccullough : Any emanage ultimates?

    Tuning Developments Ltd : Andy, In stock? One unit here but its sold and being fitted this weekend... Have more due in though soon!

    Andy Mccullough : What sort of £? Don't need it fitted or mapped

    Tuning Developments Ltd : The package deal at the moment is £549.00, that includes fitting and mapping. The kit without fitting or mapping would be £360.00 inc VAT

    And a couple of days later...

    Andy Mccullough : Hey guys, down below on the hybrid ct9 dyno result, you say its 549 for an EMU fitted and mapped, or 360 for no fitting or mapping. What else will I need in order to fit the unit if I took the 360 deal?

    Tuning Developments Ltd : Hi Andy, That would be the main unit, with harnesses, and a MAP sensor, you would need someone to wire it in and someone to map it :) With the package deal it works out at only £189.00 from us to have it fitted and mapped on the dyno :)
  12. pilgrim_fgau

    pilgrim_fgau Paid Member

    Thanks for clearing that up anyway Mike but who ever runs the facebook page either needs to learn how to read, or learn your prices :p
  13. Nick@TD.co.uk

    Nick@TD.co.uk Registered Trader <a href="http://www.TuningD

    That would be my bad, been a long few weeks coming upto Japfest!!

    Apologies :)


    Mike Jones
    Tuning Developments Ltd
  14. callum

    callum Paid Member

    haha yestiii gutted for ya...... Hahaha u just made a good end to my night...........prick hahahaha
  15. Chris_GlanzaV98

    Chris_GlanzaV98 Paid Member

    great price for the lads who live abit away and have a local tuner !! good work !
  16. Bullet00th

    Bullet00th Paid Member

    Is now sold, ladies


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