EP82/91 Ignitor wires

Discussion in 'ELECTRICAL' started by yiph, Jun 25, 2011.

  1. yiph

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    Is the ignitor for EP82 and EP91 same?

    Here is a picture, seems like EP82 ignitor.

    Can anyone tell me what signal is each wire?? And where they connected to?

  2. Garci

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    am not sure what car that ignitor in the picture is for but on my
    ep82 it use a (Toyota 201 ignitor : part # 's : 89621-12050 & or 131300-2010)
    the 201 ignitor works on a bunch of different car lexus,4runner,rav4,T100 Tacoma.. try parts number on ebay you will find them.

    as for the wires :
    1. IGF --goes to ecu
    2. IGT -- goes to ecu
    3.+B -- goes to Battery
    4. IG- -- goes to IG- check connector/ dia port under hood
    5. coil -- goes to ignition coil

    Note: double check/ trace them with a multimeter before you make any connections. as they might be numbered depending how you looking at the ignitor plug.

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    according this ECU diagram, does number 3 black and red also connects to the coil pack. is that right?

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  4. weeJohn

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    The ignitors are wired the same way, I have fitted a 91 coil to an 82 before. Only problem you will find is, there is a raised lip (you can see it in your pic on the coil itself, in between the line of wires 4 and 5) on the coil socket and its in a different place on the 2 coils. Just cut it off with a Stanley knife and you are away.

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