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    Surplus to requirements, both sets are in good condition and unbroken (a rarity in itself these days).

    Set 1 is a regular pair of early indicators from an EP82, only thing to note is that one side is missing the rubber strip around the edge.


    Set 2 is a little bit rarer, these seem to be a variant of the standard lense with an 'edge' in front of the headlamp. They are a regular sight on the jap auctions so are a common thing there but not here. Seem to be available for the later non-turbo EP82's, these came from a 1994 Soleil in Japan.

    The only difference I can see is that they make the indicator more visible from the opposite side of the vehicle.

    Due to the design they do look a bit odd next to the headlamps. Might suit someone either stuck for a standard set or seeking a something a bit different. Took plenty of pics:







    Both sets are £70 plus post.
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    i think my ep85 had those sticky outy type ones.
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