EP82 Optional Extras & OEM alloys

Discussion in 'Wanted section' started by John 08, Feb 24, 2019.

  1. John 08

    John 08 Registered User +

    Hi All,

    Looking for ep82 optional extras and the OEM alloys if anyone has a set.

    PM if you can.

  2. Jay

    Jay Admin

    Easiest stuff I have on the shelf are Rescueman hammers and number plate surrounds.

    The rest is sort of stashed away.
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  3. SKINY

    SKINY Registered User +

    The plate surrounds are class looking
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  4. John 08

    John 08 Registered User +

    Could you PM me with prices, was there different variants of the hammers? Any rear OEM braces with plastics? or hyper rev starlet magazines?
  5. iparker85

    iparker85 Fresh Recruit

    I've a oem 3 point forsale
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  6. Jay

    Jay Admin

    Will update later John, landed a hyperrevs last month but it stung a little with taxes. Plenty of types of frames. Rescue man comes in a few variations but the 3 is the usual go to option as its more available.
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  7. Jay

    Jay Admin

    Have plenty of these silver surrounds (chromo-plastic finish) available, usually sell for £25 each on ebay, could do them £20 a piece:


    I've a few brand spankers of the metal black and white pinstripe version available but they are bigger money at £30 each:


    There's a few Rescueman III's here too, £25 each, brand new in box with bracket and even the adhesive pad:


    I have a random optional extra armrest in decent used condition, can supply the mounting bracket for either EP91 or EP95 with it for £140:


    Definitely have a HyperRevs mag, just forgot to get a pic. Can do it for £35, they seem to attract a bidding battle on the auctions unfortunately. Have a severe amount of showroom brochures otherwise that are more reasonable at £20.

    And I also spotted a optional multi-box which is in rough condition, main drawer front isn't secure and two of the mounting points have been broken, first £50 lifts it. There's a pile of other stuff lurking out there but that's what I could find easily.

    Let me know if anything catches your eye,

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  8. John 08

    John 08 Registered User +

  9. SKINY

    SKINY Registered User +

    Must get a look at these armrests next time Jay, still to discover if cassette tapes and boxes fit in them :rolleyes: bloody handy in the Audi
  10. gwtaylor

    gwtaylor Member

    I’d love an ep82 armrest
  11. John 08

    John 08 Registered User +

    You can get Audi ones for cheap enough money on the likes of amazon/ebay.
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  12. John 08

    John 08 Registered User +

    OEM alloys I'm after

  13. dac69er

    dac69er Super Moderator

    I managed to get a set of mk1 alloys with centre caps for a great price recently. Took me years to find them though .
    Standard alloys don't turn up very often unfortunately
  14. SKINY

    SKINY Registered User +

    Wonder would the missus miss the armrest John lmfao........:D
  15. John 08

    John 08 Registered User +

    Ye that's the thing, I'm sure there's lads that have them at the back of the shed that dont know how rare they are :(

  16. John 08

    John 08 Registered User +

    Very clean set of OEM wheels got with centre caps and cap opener :)
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  17. John 08

    John 08 Registered User +

    Bump this up, OEM vanity/burger tray got :)
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