EP85/CCM spec engine/VF35/EMU

Discussion in 'Rolling Road Section' started by Chris@CCM, Feb 7, 2010.

  1. Boab

    Boab Registered User +

    Well done Ted & Chris. Really impressive result!

  2. Ted

    Ted Paid Member

    cheers bob, we'll be back soon for more
  3. spuddy

    spuddy Ulster Area Rep.

    X2 :)

    I'll get in touch with you Ted to arrange a second run up when the cars prepared, I'm thinking 2 weeks.
  4. chinesemafia

    chinesemafia Registered User +

    hey Ted you should post up a pic of you timming and fuel maps bro

    HYBRID Super Moderator <a href="http://www.toyotagtturbo.

    fantastic result chris!! ted's car sounds like a right animal!

    well done & cant wait to see the result down the strip!!

  6. Chris@CCM

    Chris@CCM Registered User +

    i think not my friend i did not spend the time making the map to let some one copy it lol ;)
  7. Chris@CCM

    Chris@CCM Registered User +

    me too pal should really really move
  8. Paul-GlzV

    Paul-GlzV Registered User +

    crackin result chris & ted. must be some crack to drive :drive:
  9. gglavin

    gglavin Paid Member

    once again guys great results. Drag racing should be fun this year
  10. weeJohn

    weeJohn Paid Member

    The 100ps engines have an inlet mani that looks like a GT one but with no air temp sensor in it, it has pinky injectors in it and a different ecu as well. Its a bolt on 30% power upgrade for a pre `96 4efe (Corolla) engine!

    There are probably engineering companies out there that could fix you shafts Dunc, Toyota bits will be a fortune.

    Why does everyone seem so surprised that the 4wd system, made to work with a 100ps engine, does not fail at 300bhp, but accept that the 4efte box, designed for 135bhp, can take over 350bhp and not give up?
  11. gorganl2000

    gorganl2000 Registered User +

    now saw this tread ted
    BIG respect to you, chris and the rest of the crew:rockon::rockon:
    well done...and still more to come:cool:
  12. dac69er

    dac69er Super Moderator

    yeah, the shafts shouldnt be problem, could probably do them myself tbh. the coupling is another story though, just hope the ep95 one will fit
  13. billybob

    billybob Untrusted Seller

    great results keep them coming
  14. Corey_gt

    Corey_gt Administrator

    Great result lads and its with 'the shitty EMU' as some people have being saying these great figures are being got with. Well done!!
  15. Chris@CCM

    Chris@CCM Registered User +

    i know emu are so shit if there was a motec on there it woulda made about 5000hp :haha::haha::haha:
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  16. chinesemafia

    chinesemafia Registered User +

    i thought we were here to help people ?
    info like that could be helpfull especialy for people in placese where dynos are not available and also tunners are also not avaialble.
    i dont get what the big secret is it just dont make no sence
    on other forums you find people post maps up all the time dont see what the big secret is for the starlets the miata guys do this all the time:mad::mad::mad::confused:
  17. billybob

    billybob Untrusted Seller

    true .true:)would just be far better
  18. dac69er

    dac69er Super Moderator

    a tuner will rarely post up his/her maps but the person who owns the car could go and post up the map no problem.

    some people just think its a bit cheeky as the map would have cost a few hundred £££££ and then someone is getting it for free.
    i couldnt care less and would post up my map, its a bit crap so people are welcome to it :)
  19. billybob

    billybob Untrusted Seller

    mybe he can pm you a map for your setup but not all maps work on the same engine setup without some fine tunning
  20. chinesemafia

    chinesemafia Registered User +

    thats my point really make no difference as no 2 builds or cars are the same its simply to give an idea that all

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