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  1. ryan_v

    ryan_v Paid Member

    For sale: EP85 Rolling Shell

    Item Condition: Used

    Price and price conditions: £1500 Its in Belfast and youll need a transporter to collect it. (I can lend a transporter).

    Extra Info: The shell is in very good condition, it will come rolling on steelies with all drivetrain and:

    Uprated shocks kyb & spare adjustable koni with lowering springs
    brand new locking aerocatches fitted to the bonnet
    GT Interior
    snap off momo steering wheel
    2 pillar pod gauges
    oil pressure gauge & boost
    turbo loom
    evo front mount (also can give you another good front mount)
    gt brakes, grooved discs (i can also throw in spare good grooved discs & calipers)
    TRD gear knob
    Electric windows
    New Clifford alarm, remote central locking
    Also has seprate immobilser fob
    Uprated fuel pump
    FLY Parcel shelf speakers
    Window Deflectors
    OEM Toyota Mats
    Spare wheel & jack/tools
    Rear anti roll bar which is rare
    Steel Wheels

    gearbox needs reconditioned

    There is probably loads ive missed out but it is a hell of a deal for someone.


    Contact Details: 07481492598

    Location: Belfast NORTHERN IRELAND

    Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: Collection only and it must be trailered.
  2. Sassu

    Sassu Registered User +

    just to be clear.. is the engine in there or not in there and just a gearbox?
    also turbo loom? you've lost me..

    Are you trying to say your selling a complete rolling shell ready for an engine drop is what I mean?

  3. ryan_v

    ryan_v Paid Member

    no engine Sassu just gear box and wiring loom for a turbo engine so all you need is a engine to put in really.
  4. Koolza132

    Koolza132 Fresh Recruit

    Ahhh Just if i had a transporter that is a deal and half!
  5. alan-lee

    alan-lee Paid Member

    Still got this?
  6. SKINY

    SKINY Registered User +

    Ryan sold it last year after putting an engine in and mot on it buddy

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