Evo 6 recaro seats for sale

Discussion in 'Parts for Sale' started by cameroon95, Jan 16, 2010.

  1. cameroon95

    cameroon95 Registered User +

    For sale: Evo 6 recaro seat complete with evo rails.

    Item Condition: Good condition

    Price and price conditions: 100 Collection or 120 Delivery within the uk(paypal fees apply)

    Extra Info:This was taken from my brother's evo6,i was planning to put it in my glanza but i have changed plans.

    Pictures: Evo 6 recaro seat, very comfy

    Contact Details:pm

    Location: Aberdeen, Scotland

    Delivery & Conditions of delivery: Pickup or delivery in mainland uk.
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  2. weakboy2

    weakboy2 Registered User +

    would you just sell the one? i need a passenger one for my ep82 buddy, pm me is your interested!

    MARK@CMBAUTOS Paid Member

    i can get a lower cover for that seat :rockon:
  4. cameroon95

    cameroon95 Registered User +

    p'md mark:)
  5. cameroon95

    cameroon95 Registered User +

  6. Uzzy

    Uzzy Member

    if weakboy wanna buy the worn one,i'l take the other,isit easy to fit?
  7. cameroon95

    cameroon95 Registered User +

    I'll happily split the pair if both buyers are 100 percent comitted, obviously it turns into a bit of a nightmare if one person pays and the other backs out-especially with seats.

    You'll need to get these rails modified to fit a starlet, any good fabricator should manage this.
  8. weakboy2

    weakboy2 Registered User +

    cool, well i would pay 100 delivered for the worn one, i dont need the rail either bud
  9. cameroon95

    cameroon95 Registered User +

    I'll get back to you on that, will check prices on courier and let you know.
  10. weakboy2

    weakboy2 Registered User +

    ok lovely job.

    parcel2go.com are pretty reasonable
  11. cameroon95

    cameroon95 Registered User +

    Weighing her tonight buddy, just got hold of some scales. It's good that you don't need the rails, should help on postage as they weigh quite a bit.

    Be in touch asap. I've used that company before to ship my goosed ps3.
  12. weakboy2

    weakboy2 Registered User +

    ok cool just let me know matey :)
  13. Uzzy

    Uzzy Member

    how much u gna do me the otha one 4?
  14. weakboy2

    weakboy2 Registered User +

    any news on this buddy?

  15. cameroon95

    cameroon95 Registered User +

  16. cameroon95

    cameroon95 Registered User +

    There may be a local buyer for this mate, he's gonna let me know tomorrow. If not i shall send you a pm so we can discuss furthur:)
  17. guitzmo278

    guitzmo278 Fresh Recruit

    Still you have left seat?

    I´m interested to buy your left seat, if you have still.
  18. cameroon95

    cameroon95 Registered User +

    Bump this to the top.

    Worn Seat is now sold.

    Mint seat is still availiable- buyer fell through:(
  19. cameroon95

    cameroon95 Registered User +

    Hey mate, unfortunately i would rather only ship this in the uk.

    Thanks for looking though.
  20. Matty-2008

    Matty-2008 Paid Member

    Please PM me with a total for delivery and seats to CT18 7BP please


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