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    This thread details all of the colour choices available for the EP82 GT & Glanza V models from the factory.

    Glanza V 96-98 (Mk1)

    040 - Superwhite II
    One of two existing colour codes retained for the EP91.

    205 - Black Metallic
    And the second.

    1A0 - Bluish Silver
    A twist on the previous quadlamp silver this is sometimes referred to as 'moonstone' silver or 'Quicksilver'.

    8K9 - Purplish Blue
    A new model deserves a new look and this blue ticked the boxes. Unfortunately not many ticked the box on the order sheet so it's a rarity nowadays.

    3E5 - Super Red II
    It took a long time for Toyota to realise that the Starlet looked great in Super Red. If only they had cottoned on earlier I would have a factory quadlamp in red. Whatever happened happened in mid 1996. This meant the V was only available in red from Dec 96.

    Glanza V 98-99 (Mk2)

    040 - Super White II
    After such a long run it seemed a shame to retire 040 from the phase 2 Glanza. It made it.

    205 - Black Metallic
    Proof you can't really go wrong with 205 Black.

    3E5 - Super Red II
    Despite the late introduction Super Red II has turned into a desired, sought after choice.

    1AO - Bluish Silver
    The moonstone was obviously doing the trick too. Silver was a strong look for the V and saw the range out.
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    Dec 1989 - Jan 1992 Mk1


    040 - Super White 2
    The only colour code to last the full production run on both EP82 & EP91 turbo models.

    185 - Bluish Gray Metallic
    A deep gun metal carried over from the MR2 and Celica range.


    3H4 - Red Mica Metallic
    Rare to find examples of this burgundy metallic in the UK, only available on the Mk1 GT.


    6L2 - Blackish Green Metallic
    One of the most popular colours for the Mk1, heavily featured in the Toyota brochure and thus became a surefire choice. Changes colour from dark grey to green depending on the light.

    8H1 - Grayish Blue Metallic
    Pretty much the rarest of the colour codes for a Mk1 GT. Only a few known outside Japan.

    040/4L5 - Super White 2 over Beige Metallic

    A bold colour coordination from Toyota. Based on a 040 white GT with contrasting lower panels. This is the first of three Mk1 'two-tones'.

    3H4/4L5 - Red Mica Metallic over Beige Metallic
    The second two-tone, again a stock colour matched with beige lower panels.

    6L2/4L5 - Blackish Green over Beige Metallic
    And this is the third. Thankfully the beige didn't work well against the grey and blue metallic codes. There were very few of the two-tones exported so numbers of these are low. If you can find a genuine one please save it.
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    Jan 1992 - May 1994 Mk2

    040 - Super White 2
    Staple of the colour chart.

    182 - Bluish Gray Metallic
    This is a slight deviation of the 185 gun metal grey. Has a bit more blue in it by comparison.

    205 - Black Metallic
    At last 205 black metallic made an appearance. The go-to colour for GT's and Glanzas ever since. Proper sparkle in the sunshine.

    6M6 - Green Metallic
    A brave new hue for the mk2, always good to see one in the metal.

    205/182 - Black metallic over Bluish Gray Metallic (GT Limited)
    Toyota were looking a retro colour scheme for the Limited edition. This harks back to the EP71 Turbo S and suited the requirements perfectly. Examples are hard to find.
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    May 1994 - Jan 1996 Mk3

    irish summer meet 2008 073.JPG
    040 - Super White 2
    This suited the new quadlamp model beautifully, still stunning in white.

    199 - Silver Metallic
    Silver made a long overdue entrance in the Mk3 range. At the sacrifice of the grey unfortunately.

    205 - Black Metallic
    The black quadlamp has established itself as the mainstream choice at this stage.

    746 - Turquoise Metallic
    A bit of a brighter flair over the previous green made this colour the rarer choice on the Mk3. Not a bad thing as they stand out from the crowd at meets. Aquamarine is a proper head turner.

    Advance brochure072.jpg
    205/182 - Black metallic over Bluish Gray Metallic (Advance Model)
    The Advance model used the same codes as the GT Limited to retain a retro flavor.
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