fitting poly engine mounts

Discussion in 'ENGINE' started by Brendanlez, Jan 19, 2012.

  1. Brendanlez

    Brendanlez Paid Member

    looking for a tutorial on fitting my powerflex engine mounts, dont know which site I saw the tutorial but I can not find it all.

    All help appreciated, dont want to just whack it in the press and make shite of all.
  2. K24-GlanzaV

    K24-GlanzaV Paid Member

    Fancy sending me that suspension I paid for and never received? Why ignore all my PMS for months and still use the forum... Dick
  3. Johnny_C

    Johnny_C Paid Member

    i fitted a set and pressed/burnt the old ones out.
  4. akyakapotter

    akyakapotter Registered User +

    its easy just make sure you remeber about the nut on the underneath of the engine mount
  5. Brendanlez

    Brendanlez Paid Member

    This is the last time I'm getting into this, I sent you the suspension, I loweered the price for you and slip the delivery, you were happy enough with it being sent the absolute cheapest possible way. I kept in contact with you while there was a delay in the service, & others where having problems at the time too. You came back weeks later saying that they were never delivered. If I knew where the sheet from the collection was at this stage I would scan it and post it up on the forum.

    @Johnny, yeah used the burning gear to remove all the old mounts, just dont want to start squeezing the new ones in in case I make shite of them, not very cheap. Ill give ya a shout later this evening
  6. Johnny_C

    Johnny_C Paid Member

    did you push the metal shell out?
    it also has to be removed,the mounts should then just slot in.
  7. mork

    mork Registered User +

    ^^x2. You don't ned to press the polyflex bushes in, they should be a perfect fit, provided the original bush outer shell has been removed.
  8. Brendanlez

    Brendanlez Paid Member

    thats what I need to do so, thanks lads

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