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Discussion in 'Parts for Sale' started by Bullet00th, Jan 8, 2012.

  1. Bullet00th

    Bullet00th Paid Member

    For sale: Gearbox

    Item Condition: Good

    Price and price conditions: £225

    Extra Info: This gearbox is out of a EP82, bought it with the engine for my conversion, unfortunately it won't fit my car (Corolla) without modification. Gearbox in perfect working order, sprayed black

    Pictures: [​IMG]

    Contact Details: PM

    Location: Warrington / Cheshire

    Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: £25
  2. Bullet00th

    Bullet00th Paid Member

  3. Bullet00th

    Bullet00th Paid Member

    Price drop to £200 ?
  4. 96v

    96v Registered User +

    how many miles does it have on it mate?

    do you know what year gt it came from?
  5. Bullet00th

    Bullet00th Paid Member

    Approx 80k miles from a K reg Ep82. Hope this helps

  6. ollie ryan

    ollie ryan Registered User +

    i paid £300 for an lsd box with shafts, think you need to drop your price quite abit
  7. ralphy

    ralphy Registered User +

    TBH his price is very reasonable, you just got lucky with 300 FOR LSD BOX
  8. Fizturbo

    Fizturbo Paid Member

    Tell you truth i paid a lot less for Lsd box,both shafts,speedo convertor,rear mount and under battery upgraded mount as full kit and all is workin fine :)

    I still av my orignal box which has been fully rebuilt with new synchros replaced and ad rather keep the box as back up cause it's hard to find a good condition box with out crunch
    at this age.

    All depends what the owner want's to sell for so £200 askin price is still a bargain!
  9. Bullet00th

    Bullet00th Paid Member

    For a perfectly working genuine box I think 200 is a fair price. In no rush to sell either. Still might even fit it to my Corolla.

  10. danb87

    danb87 South East England Area Rep

    i do agree, as above price is slightly high, ive only ever seen standard boxes go for £150 max, an most have been rebuilt. ive sold 2 myself for £50 each. but as said the lad who picked up an lsd box an shafts for £300, thats a bargain.

    but either way mate glwts, never kno some one might be desperate for one an pay :)

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