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  1. Rondon

    Rondon Member

    Hi Folks,

    I've wanted a Glanza for ages bought one at weekend seller drove it up to Scotland. The V5 doesn't say Glanza the vin starts EP91.

    It comes up as a 1.3 Starlet Sportif.

    The seller says loads imports have incorrect details so they can insure it cheaper. I'm concerned I've bought a ringer.

    Is there a way from vin or otherwise?


  2. Jay

    Jay Admin

    Yeah, common question.

    The proper answer is to insure it for what it is. Tell the insurance company that it is an import and a V (the turbo model is classed as V, the non turbo is S).

    That will keep you safe in the eyes of the law.

    Many were registered as sportifs, S, plain starlets, corollas even but that is no excuse to basically lie to your insurer. It also gives them the perfect excuse to walk away from any claims, damages or deaths relating to the vehicle.

    Be safe!

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  3. Rondon

    Rondon Member

    Cheers Jay....can you advise on steering.....really vague, play in wheel zero feedback from road. Thanks for replying. I'll pm you vin...when I figure out how to do that. Is That same as start conversation?

    Cheers pal

  4. dac69er

    dac69er Super Moderator

    as above, i wouldnt worry.
    one of mine just comes up as a toyota coupe. i just insure it correctly. i did try and change one before, but the dvla made such a mess of it, i didnt bother doing it again for any of the others!

    as for the steering. i would first check the obvious things like tire pressures and condition of tires. if that all checks out then it could be a tracking issue or its going to be something worn out or loose.

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