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  1. Calum122

    Calum122 Registered User +

    Jay can you reupload these images for us please?
  2. Jay

    Jay Admin

    Can't remember all of them but certainly here's a few from the archive.. greystar-1.jpg greystar1096resize.jpg gtalive004.jpg




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  3. SKINY

    SKINY Registered User +

    Porn alert :cool:
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  4. Calum122

    Calum122 Registered User +

    Nice one mate :D

    I wanted to show my brother how clean this EP is. And how lovely the MK1's are.
  5. Jay

    Jay Admin

    May as well add a few vintage pics from the old garage too in that case..

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  6. Calum122

    Calum122 Registered User +

    Dayum, that paintwork though.

    It's so lovely.

    So what do you do then Jay? Are you literally just storing it as a museum piece, or do you think it will see the road again?
  7. Jay

    Jay Admin

    Retirement project - will serve as a garage ornament until then!
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  8. Calum122

    Calum122 Registered User +

    I'm confused. Why retirement project?

    What's to project on that. It would be a crying shame if it was touched to change it from factory spec?

    What would be the plans for it?
  9. Jay

    Jay Admin

    Yeah it looks clean externally but I would like to overhaul the brakes, suspension, engine, interior and underside to factory standard. Not planning any upgrades, just as clean as I can make it.

    In the meantime I've the rest of the fleet to keep me occupied!
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  10. 5e colin

    5e colin Registered User +

    im in the same mind set latly want my car stock again sick of al the spending and uncomfort it bring parts are getting scares down south cant even find a front bumper anymore
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  11. Calum122

    Calum122 Registered User +

    Aww I mean to have a completely stock one, that would be my dream personally.
  12. gv1.3

    gv1.3 Admin

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  13. Phil

    Phil Super Moderator

    Get this to a meet 2018

    Or else.

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  14. Spence10

    Spence10 Member

    That grey mk1 is Mint jay
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  15. rage

    rage Paid Member

    love this car. im still searching for those mk1 wheels. so hard to find!
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  16. SKINY

    SKINY Registered User +

    epic this car Jay, is the dash turbo display mk1 specific it looks good, what way does it light up, please tell me it sweeps and it will fit mine and you have one for me lol :)
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  17. Jay

    Jay Admin

    Yeah the mk1 dash is different to the later mk2 & 3 which got a boring boost dial. She does indeed sweep round like a rev counter. The sad news is that the plugs are completely different to the later cluster which would make them a nightmare to repin and get working properly.
  18. SKINY

    SKINY Registered User +

    I love a challenge tho especially electrical ones :eek::p
  19. Jay

    Jay Admin


    What could go wrong eh?
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  20. DudFunk

    DudFunk Member

    Your taking the cover off for me next time man :cool::cool:

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