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  1. locostarlet

    locostarlet Fresh Recruit

    hello I have been on this forum for some time now, I never post on here but do use to brows and look up info
    I would like to advertise my cars for sale but I don't have access to do this, how do I gain access to the for sale area of this forum
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  2. SKINY

    SKINY Active Member

    Pretty sure you need to be a full member and have 50 posts, I'm sure admin will confirm :)
  3. Jay

    Jay Admin

    Hi Dean,

    Qualifying requirements used to be anyone with more than 50 posts and had been with us for more than 30 days. Didn't need any paid membership, just needed to show you weren't here for a quick buck (quit sniggering at the back).

    Pretty sure we will be sticking to this on our current format. Given the fact there is very little posting at the minute please feel free to add your next 28 posts at random intervals over the next week and you should be sorted mate.

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  4. locostarlet

    locostarlet Fresh Recruit

    Thank for clearing this up for me Jay, think I've passed the 30 day thing as been on here since 2011/12
    will have to make an effort to post a bit more. like this forum as its one of the best for tech and info
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  5. gv1.3

    gv1.3 Admin

  6. locostarlet

    locostarlet Fresh Recruit

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  7. Jay

    Jay Admin

    You can't drop a greenish black MK1 on us like that and only give one photo!

    Looks great :D
  8. SKINY

    SKINY Active Member

    lovely looking
  9. locostarlet

    locostarlet Fresh Recruit

    A Couple More and my profile picture gives away my other starlet

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  10. locostarlet

    locostarlet Fresh Recruit

    The one I should have kept

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  11. Galen

    Galen Paid Member

    Its in Ireland now and being looked after very well! Its on SSR Type C's now and has wepr turbo kit with GT28.
    It was an ex Dave Burwash car wasnt it?
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  12. SKINY

    SKINY Active Member

    That Laguna splitter tho :cool:
  13. Phil

    Phil Super Moderator

    Gt looks good

  14. locostarlet

    locostarlet Fresh Recruit

  15. gorganl2000

    gorganl2000 Registered User +

    nice looking car
  16. Starletezy

    Starletezy Fresh Recruit

    Nice little gt worth hanging on to it

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