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    This is a HKS F-CON unit that landed in from Japan a while back.

    Was incorrectly listed as an EP91 unit and I'm the poor bugger that bought it. It's been gathering dust in storage ever since. Consists of the main unit itself, no wiring or sensors. Chip is labelled 182x which doesn't correspond to much but the secondary label states TP-10 (harness) and D118 (chip) which corresponds to a ST165 Celica of all things. As such I'm selling this unit as spares as I don't have any Celicas.

    £85 ono

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    WhatsApp me those pics and i will get the bud to put it on the Celica Ireland bakenook, ccuk/celicaclubuk are on stalk book too, also may be worth giving that Warner Lewis boy a shout, he's on my Instagram :)
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    Nice help @Skiny.
    Hi Jay I bought the HKS-FON ep82 connector from you a while back but decided to use it to quick plug for an APEXI ITC instead of the fcon.Which means I have an EP91 HKS-FON ,with unmolested harness, gcc and original fcon map sensor sitting in a box doing nothing.
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