how can i make my glanza faster ??? help ???

Discussion in 'ENGINE' started by djindiano, Jan 3, 2011.

  1. djindiano

    djindiano Registered User +

  2. glanzanut

    glanzanut Paid Member

    thats a bit of an open question mate, any mods at the moment? how much you want to spend ect?
  3. billybob

    billybob Untrusted Seller

    tie it on to the back of mine lad :)
  4. djindiano

    djindiano Registered User +

    funny man lol
  5. billybob

    billybob Untrusted Seller

    theres alot of stuff just read the oldest thread on here and work your way up you get some nice input from mybe 3 years of reading:)

    its been covered many a time on here

    god i love my vtec now:)

    it just comes in like a dream
  6. ktl

    ktl Registered User +

    massive turbo
  7. HutchGlanzaV

    HutchGlanzaV Registered User +

    Drive down more hills?
  8. billybob

    billybob Untrusted Seller

  9. Corey_gt

    Corey_gt Administrator

    Buy a Honda
  10. John@ECC

    John@ECC Paid Member

    What mods have you got at the moment???
  11. glanzanut

    glanzanut Paid Member

    ok bud ill try give you some CONSTRUCTIVE info.
    if you want more power then you will need more boost.
    some of the things needed will be.
    aftermarket mani
    adjustable actuator or boost controller
    some sort of fueling control, either a fuel pressure regulator, or management.
    also a front mounted intercooler would benefit
    if your not running managment then you will need a fuel cut defender, but an e-manage will remove this if you decide on going this route.
    also bear in mind if upping the power its a good idea to upgrade the brakes and suspension.
    oh and get it set up on an rr
    hope this helps
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  12. davehart

    davehart Paid Member

    Wax it :)

    Everybody who gets these cars seems to want to make it faster before anything else and with them so easy to modify it's simple to do.

    Sticking the CT9 route you will want a FMIC, FPR, Adjustable actuator, decat, manifold, FCD, full exhaust system, air filter relocation, aircon removed, boost controller and a boost gauge check the pressure. All those in place? Take it to tuners and set it up to a bar and it should make around 160-190bhp for an estimate. For a bit more money look at a hybrid CT9 to get a nice solid 200BHP with a good tune.

    If you want more power, stick a TD04 on it with an uprated fuel pump, maybe new injectors 330cc and think about adding an aftermarket ECU (e-manage, Dastek etc) then take it to a tuners and get it setup.

    Quite possibly missed something but that's a few tips on how to get more power. Just remember to insure all the modifications you do because one crash, check over by VOSA or a mate pissed that you can get to 60 faster than him and your fucked.
  13. billybob

    billybob Untrusted Seller

    just stick to the waxing part
  14. davehart

    davehart Paid Member

    It's the cheaper option for sure :)
  15. sacodetoro

    sacodetoro Paid Member

    Firstly do a search CLICK

    But for a quick and easy bolt on mod I made a bracket up and attached these:


    Jokes, welcome along bud :)
  16. djindiano

    djindiano Registered User +

    i have all that stuff but the mani

    but im trying to get my hand on a td04 but its fucking hard
  17. ktl

    ktl Registered User +

    upgrade your flux cap that is a must
  18. churcherj

    churcherj Paid Member

    TD04's are everywhere! join on scoobynet and put up a wanted thread, you will have a response within a few minutes, guaranteed
  19. djindiano

    djindiano Registered User +

    its fucking meltin my head lol and im looking for a td04 that will go strat on to a glanza and ri now im pimping my fiat cinquecento lol putin a ct9 on that shit lol :)

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