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    I was always wondering those questions.....

    1) How many users on this forum?
    2) How many starlets GT in the UK?
    3) How many Glanza V in the UK?
    4) How many Glanza V was ever made?

    Also does anyone have the lastest month 1999 Glanza V - and what is the first 3 numbers of the VIN? - That would be the number of how many of ALL EP-91 Starlets were EVER produced all over the world! I assume it would be around 500 000! My 98 Glanza V is 451xxx produced and my OLD Ep91 Starlet N/A imported from Japan had 110xxx and that was made in 1996!
  2. Jay

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    Did a bit of research on this area a while back and uncovered these figures on Starlet sales from 1999 :


    You'll note it doesn't include the 1999 figures as it wasn't over at that point. Given the volume shown I'd say the totals mentioned are for all models. I couldn't find anything Turbo specific.

    The chassis numbers are a little weird. I spent some time messing about with random chassis numbers on the Toyota electronic parts computer (EPC) which can pinpoint production month and year of a vehicle. The GT starts off pretty low but it's not as simple as EP82-0000001 being the first GT off the production line. There were many early production vehicles that were used for testing purposes. The lowest I've seen locally is three figures and she was a Dec 1989 GT so that's a good indication.

    Equally the V's last chassis number was proving difficult to trace as it could have been anything. The EP91's don't seem to have low numbers from what I've seen.

    Suppose the only way is to start a register and log chassis numbers and we're a decade away from that I reckon. It's not safe to dish out a chassis number online either unfortunately.

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  3. starletgtturbo1

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  4. Paul_JJ

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    Very interesting Jay! Good info!
    May be you will be able to find out how many UK spec starlets were sold in the UK??? I believe it would not start for 0 000 000 1 - they must have had some testing vehicles and sort of sample cars and they all had VIN numbers -)
  5. Jay

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    A 4+ year bump just as it's a topical subject at the moment on ukso.

    Remember kids don't give your chassis number out online for security reasons.

    Worst case - Someone could come with their own key!

    Stay safe,

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  6. Jay

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    Looking at this with fresh eyes (and a half hour to kill) I'm counting a total production run of 595,333 EP82's being made over the three 'marks' between Dec 1989 > Dec 1995. Hard to tell how many GT's are actually amongst them but I've spotted the important ones:

    The first MK1 GT was a five-speed manual in 6L2 blackish green, chassis number was EP82-0000107.
    The last MK1 GT produced was a 040 white manual, chassis number EP82-0223322.

    The first MK2 GT was a 205 metallic black manual, chassis number EP82-0223523.
    The last MK2 GT looks to be a 205 metallic black automatic, chassis number EP82-0454749.

    The first MK3 GT is another 205 black autobox, chassis number EP82-0454762.
    The last MK3 GT (and the last of it's name) is a 205 black five-speed called EP82-0595418.

    Lord you would love to find the first and the last ones huh?

    Apologies for any errors or omissions, it is late and it's been a long day!

  7. nanglebadger

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    Very interesting bud, be interesting to know if any of those individual motors have a) come to NI, and b) visited The Costa Del Vogie over the years.

  8. Jay

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    It certainly would, something to investigate when I get a chance. The first GT could be the one used in the brochure or one of the press cars. No definite way to know but it's a nice thought!
  9. Calum122

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    Also note Jay, they also sold NON-GT EP82 Starlets for the JDM. So those figures may also include those models. But as you say not as easy to separate.
  10. Jay

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    That's what I stated - the production figures cover all EP models.

    GT models would account for a small percentage of these, I've identified the first and last turbo chassis numbers of each phase but outside of this exist Soleils, S's, diesels, etc.

    For example chassis 107 is the oldest GT recognised but second to a super-red Canvas-Top (chassis 106).

    It's conceivable that these are the two featured in the brochure or it could be pure coincidence.

    EDIT: guess what chassis 108 is? A 185 grey S model..

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  11. Calum122

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    Does it cover all EP models, or all EP82 EP91...

    Since we didn't get the EP82 over here did we?

    Did the JDM get an EP80?
  12. Jay

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    The graph just states number of starlets sold so I'd imagine those are overall vehicles produced (EP80,81,82,85) worldwide (remember even UK EP80's were built in Japan).

    Toyota UK quote "By the end of 1998, 1,850,088 Starlets had been sold throughout the world" in their History of the Toyota Starlet piece but then also state a contradictory "By the end of 1991, Starlet production stood at 2,333,538 units" which is conflicting.
  13. Calum122

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    Hhmm, that's not as many as I would have thought to be fair. Especially on how common the EP91's are. See them everywhere
  14. Jay

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    Finally I have an answer.


    Engraved by laser into the wood by Toyota themselves lol.
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  15. davehart

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    That is one cool thing to have on the wall!

    I have one of the last EP82's being an advance model, which is still sat looking at me awaiitng repair bless him.

    My other one is a mid 94 mk3.
  16. SKINY

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    That's a fair few then lol, must check mine being a 95 :cool:
  17. Jay

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    That's actually a cool little musical box made to commemorate the end of the Starlet. Definitely one for the collection :cool:
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  18. TylerGlanza

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    The musical box is a cool find!

    Anyone know anything about trim codes on the vin plate? Ive seen a few are FG11 and mine is FH11?
  19. SKINY

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    Last 4 off my vin numbers are 4957 first reg 1/3/95 first UK reg 1/2/07

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