How to: Levin BZR Brake Upgrade

Discussion in 'CHASSIS' started by Motor, Jul 28, 2010.

  1. Motor

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    Just recently finished this upgrade and decided to post up a quick how to for members who are thinking of doing the same mod.

    Parts needed;
    i) Levin Calipers (twin piston off bzr shown next to painted standard Glanza Calipers)


    Make sure to replace pads (gives a flat surface against new flat disks) and reset pistons (remove bleed nipple and compress pistons with C-clamp)

    ii) Brake disks off 2002- 2.0 D4-D Corolla (25mm thick) (shown to left of standard Glanza disks)


    iii) 6mm spacer; make sure to measure first (forgot to take picture of this but will put up diagram as soon as i find it)

    iv) Extended wheel studs; 12 x 1.5; (got mine (+20mm) off egay; shown next to standard studs)


    NB: Important to get extended studs as front wheel fell off mine on way to mechanic with standard studs

    v) Brake fluid

    1) Remove wheel (loosen nuts with car on ground then jack up before removing fully)

    2) Remove brake line from caliper (be careful of brake fluid, will strip paint off everything)

    3) Remove caliper from hub (two 17mm bolts) (Easier to get at top nut if the bottom nut and bolt are removed from the shocks; just make sure to put it back on)

    4) Remove standard studs from hub. Two methods can be used; i) beat out with a hammer; ii) use a pullers as shown below to slowly push out stud. (Whichever method is used make sure to soak in WD40 first as they will feel welded in)


    5) Now that everything is off, can begin putting the new stuff on. First is the extended nuts; will have to be slowly pulled in. I used washers and an old wheel bolt to slowly tension them into the splines. Sure there is an easier method but I just used the tools and ignorance I had

    6) Slide spacer over studs

    7) Brake disk is next (looks like its coming together already)


    8) Caliper into standard mounting points (NB: May need to grind down some of the bracket to fit around hub as shown (shinier bit in center)


    9) Tighten everything up nice and tight (remembering the bolt from the shock)

    10) Bleed brakes; good explanation in this post; Thanks to tanz

    11) Refit wheel, admire your work and it's time to do endos :drive:

    Any suggestions to change or add information would be appreciated; know it's far from perfect
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  2. Starletfreak

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    wich model of corrola did you get the disk off?
  3. Motor

    Motor Registered User +

    2002- 2.0 D4-D Corolla. I'll update the how to now thanks

    Edit: the 25mm thick disks
  4. vick

    vick Registered User +

    wat the side of the disc mate all around 265 mm or 266mm
  5. Johnny_C

    Johnny_C Paid Member

    would the d4d calipers not be twin piston also no??
  6. jayc-glanza17

    jayc-glanza17 Paid Member

    i would like to know about these discs and mr1 turbo calipers the twin pot rev 2 ones, would these work??
  7. Motor

    Motor Registered User +

    No idea, all I know is the disks fit (got the information from a thread on here that I can no longer find)

    2002- Corolla d4d disk; there are two different sizes available; the smaller diameter one is used.
    No idea on the difficulty of the mr1 calipers; sure it could be done with enough time and effort. Everything is possible :)
  8. Motor

    Motor Registered User +

    They're 260 or 265 if memory serves; the smaller diameter of the two corolla disks available
  9. Ryan H

    Ryan H Fresh Recruit

    Did this upgrade recently and found that you can use Fiat Grande Punto discs to save changing wheel studs and fitting spacers.
    Just make sure they're the 4x100 bolt pattern obviously, will post exact disc sizes when I get a chance great trick though.
  10. gorganl2000

    gorganl2000 Registered User +

    by any chance could you post the exact part number for the fiat grande punto discs? ---for future reference by members thinking about this conversion
  11. Ryan H

    Ryan H Fresh Recruit

    Yeah I got mine off Ebay but they're gone off it now.. I'll get the exact part no from invoice when I get a chance Screenshot_20200319-120733_WhatsApp.jpg
  12. SKINY

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    Corsa c sxi discs and st185 twinpot calipers are a straight fit, just need a spigot ring made for the hub centre difference :)

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