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Discussion in 'The Welcome Section' started by superstarlet96, Jan 8, 2019.

  1. superstarlet96

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    Firstly im getting my build going and am currently living in dublin, i need to know the following where to bring this project and who will do the work, travelling around the country doesn't bother me but it needs to be of the best quality work and someone that isn't gonna act the bollox with prices.

    I need to know who will fully forge a 5e engine (Completely Rebuild everything)

    I need to know who can fully restore every aspect of the shell i have (Full respray, Inner doors, Underseal, Arches, No rust anywhere). Work must be of the best quality no cowboys please.

    In regard the best parts to use i have been scanning this site and have a fair idea of whats what to use to get maximum power along with durability.

    Thanks for your help in advance, any input welcome
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    Hi and welcome :) Richard Bradley has an excellent reputation for building and setting them up. I think he's about the ballygalley direction. You should be able to get him on stalker book or instastalk :cool:

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