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Discussion in 'Parts for Sale' started by MRZSRACER, Jan 27, 2018.


    MRZSRACER Fresh Recruit

    Hi I have a jam ecu for sale very hard to get nowadays.I want £550 or nearest offer it’s in good working order has to go as need to buy a new turbo as mine blew on me. Live in East Midlands will post if buyer pays

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  2. EP82Daz

    EP82Daz Fresh Recruit

    Still got this mate..?
  3. Antwanturbo

    Antwanturbo Fresh Recruit

    Hi do you still have your ecu for sale? I’m looking for 1 ASAP. Cheers
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  4. Antwanturbo

    Antwanturbo Fresh Recruit

  5. Antwanturbo

    Antwanturbo Fresh Recruit

    Is your ecu still for sale mate or has it been sold???
  6. somal

    somal Paid Member

    still there for sale ?
  7. Rondon

    Rondon Member

    What is advantage of a JAM ecu?

    See if you make mods do you need a new map to realise their potential.

    I'm new to Glanza/GT bow scene.

    Does anyone know where I can get a different front bumper/ panel....seen one on flea bay but the geeza..out country till Jan..


  8. Rondon

    Rondon Member

    Answers on a postcard?
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  9. Jay

    Jay Admin

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  10. Rondon

    Rondon Member

    Cheers Jay..:)
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