Jap Spec Starlet Wiring Diagrams

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    Guys, here's some more stuff.

    EP71 EFI (2E-ELU) non turbo:
    (my own scan from the japanese workshop manual)

    EP71 Turbo S (2E-TELU)
    (my own scan from the japanese workshop manual)

    EP82 Zenki model (gen 1 EP82 from 89/12 - 92/01)
    This version was originally scanned and edited by ep82turbos, but there were alot of errors and typos. This has been bugfixed by me. When I have time I will scan the originals from the japanese workshop manual.
    [edit] fixed another typo [/edit]

    EP82 Kouki model (gen 2+3 EP82 from 92/01 - 96/01)

    EP91 Kouki model (gen 2 from 97/12 - 99/07)

    People who have wiring diagrams of the Zenki model EP91 (96/01 - 97-12) please let me know
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