K24 Turbo Kit with Side Exit Exhaust

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  1. Bullet00th

    Bullet00th Paid Member

    For sale: Genuine Blitz K24 kit with Side Exit Exhaust

    Item Condition: Very good!

    Price and price conditions: £295

    Extra Info:

    This is a rare genuine Blitz turbo kit. The turbo on the kit is the K24, in perfect working order and pulls very well. A K26 turbo can be bolted up as a direct fitment to this kit for bigger power gains.

    The kit will come with everything needed to fit this kit:

    K24 turbo (Blitz)
    Cast manifold (ported and polished)
    Screamer pipe
    External wastegate (Blitz)
    Custom down pipe (properly braced)
    Custom made side exit exhaust

    This kit is still fitted to the car, can be removed at anytime but left if on for the time being until the engine is sold. Can be heard running or test drove anytime until then.

    The side exit isn't too loud like some people may think, and you have the option to run the exhaust either through the bumper or underneath the bumper.

    This kit is obvisously stock radiator friendly :) Any questions please just ask

    Pictures: [​IMG]

    Contact Details: Matt - 07712483703

    Location: Warrington, Cheshire

    Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: Preferred collection but can be posted
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  2. Bullet00th

    Bullet00th Paid Member

    Bump for weekend
  3. monty1991

    monty1991 Fresh Recruit

    wat sorta power did ya get from this and at wat boost?
  4. Bullet00th

    Bullet00th Paid Member

    It was only mapped to .5bar because thats the spring in the wastegate. Made 155bhp on Dyno Dynamics. Does pull very well just at that boost.

  5. toyotagt

    toyotagt Paid Member

    would you sell turbo on its own? is it tdo4 or ct9 fitment?
  6. Bullet00th

    Bullet00th Paid Member

    Keeping it all as a complete kit. Thank you.

    Will take offers if someone is interested

  7. simonnolan

    simonnolan Fresh Recruit

    Free bump total bargian mate for a Blitz K24 kit normally pull £1500 second hand for the kit ive got the kit on my glanza running 312bhp just under 2 bar
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  8. toyotagt

    toyotagt Paid Member

    is it ct9 fitment? and would it be like a hybrid ct9 power wise? or what way does it effect....? thanks...
  9. Bullet00th

    Bullet00th Paid Member

    It has an adaptor plate which bolts onto the standard manifold. Yes similar power to hybrid but alot more reliable! the K24 is probably in the middle of power between a Hybrid ct9 and td04. Really nice power and spools quicker than td04

  10. Bullet00th

    Bullet00th Paid Member

    Price Drop £295

  11. spartacus

    spartacus Paid Member

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