Korean GP wasn't much fun

Discussion in 'Chill Out Room' started by AFR Tuning, Oct 16, 2011.

  1. AFR Tuning

    AFR Tuning Registered User +

    Ah well. Just watching the Korean GP rerun. Not overly exciting. Vettel buggered off into the distance...again :(

    Touring cars was better :)
  2. sanchez

    sanchez Paid Member

    Yeah i agree, have been watching more and more BTCC, as f1 is just getting boring, seeing the sam eman win all the time....give them all the same car and im sure we would see some other winners!!
  3. AFR Tuning

    AFR Tuning Registered User +

    Absolutely, I've often wondered what the lap times would be if Button drove a Virgin racing car !
  4. sanchez

    sanchez Paid Member

    lol i have often wondered what Kobayashi would be like in a redbull car!! hes an awesome driver in my eyes!!
  5. starletsy

    starletsy Registered User +

    Moto Gp was much better

    Seem to only watch the bikes these days last round of BSB was epic last weekend
  6. weeJohn

    weeJohn Paid Member

    Even the MotoGP is a bit boring sometimes now, if Stoner gets a track he likes he seems to jsut need about 5 laps midway and he is away.

    The Korean GP was a bit dull, although 2nd, 3rd and 4th were close there wasnt much action, even with DRS on the long straight. Maybe they should fit a longer 7th gear to get a bit more top end as they seem to be on the limiter a lot now. I suppose that option might not be as simple as I suggested or the teams would have tried that before now lol.

    I dont think F1 can have the same engine/chassis, its not what the teams want.
  7. sx_turbo

    sx_turbo Paid Member

    they need different manufacturers and chassis as thats what its all about,

    problem is all the aero dynamic packages they put on theses days and the constant development that occurs that the small teams cant afford to do.

    the best years for racing was the 80's and early 90's, its all shit now,

    even british superbikes have traction control and anti wheelie control and other aids, which is all just bolox it should be down to driver skill (although next season these are supposed to be removed)
  8. sx_turbo

    sx_turbo Paid Member

    i was there awsome, that last lap of the 2nd race was just immense, what a finish

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