Mani and decat comparsament

Discussion in 'ENGINE' started by rosso321, Sep 16, 2019.

  1. rosso321

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    Well guys

    Just wounding , a question I was asking Mattygt

    Hybrid ct9 setup with jam mani and blitz decat compared to a wepr mani and decat

    How would figures compare torque bhps etc...

    Just matter off interest great peace off kits both parties just curious thought be a good question

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  2. Jay

    Jay Admin

    I'd like to think that the WEPR would be more free flowing.

    The Blitz and JAM items are somewhat constrained by their OEM design. Definitely an upgrade but they have to keep things sensible.

    How that translates to a power graph is another thing though, a lot of the delivery and figures achieved will be down to the tune more than anything.

    Based on what I've seen anyway :D
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  3. dac69er

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    i agree with Jay. even stock items would probably yeald similar results to performance parts at the top end of the CT9s capability.

    i guess every little helps though ;)
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  4. TylerGlanza

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    Definitely an interesting topic, i have a hybrid ct9 ready to go on mine if/ when i ever get it mapped which im really interested on seeing the results.
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  5. wickedep

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    if its an option..i would recommend going with one of our non-stock location ct9 manifold kits (eg:ram combo). trying to make max power whilst staying stock location is a oxymoron...not possible because you are not able to eliminate all restrictions. our ram kit will allow your hybrid to breathe and pump out whatever max its capable of. boost control also becomes an issue when going hybrid+stock location because stock waste gate penny is often too small to flow well which leads to boost creep and sometimes spike.

    down side to non-stock location is that is costs a little more money and effort to set up. something to think about...also our manifold combos are on 25% off soon..if non stock location is possible option for would be a good time to go for a new manifold set up. just FYI.
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  6. GP82

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    Absoluteley, the performance achieved is all in the tuning. Only other factor I can see is maybe more heat build up in the less freeflowing bolt on upgrades, mind I recall running upto 18 psi on a hybrid ct9 with bolt on aftermarket mani and decat + mines ecu and the car flew
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  7. rosso321

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    Totally understand jay, point very valid wondering with same ecu stock or jam/blitz ecu. 10 bhp in the difference or more if you get me.

    Would the figures be much off a difference if want to keep the oem look but with some fun or wepr kit be miles ahead worth the change.


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