N.Ireland road tax online?

Discussion in 'Insurance, Tax and Legal Forum' started by spuddy, Mar 6, 2010.

  1. spuddy

    spuddy Ulster Area Rep.

    I've been told you can tax your car online in Northern Ireland, I've been on their website for ages now and I can't see where to do it!

    I can't find my insurance cert so doing it online is prefarable. Has anyone ever done it or have a link?
  2. sacodetoro

    sacodetoro Paid Member


    according to that you can do it over the phone, not sure about online but sure the phone is just as easy
  3. jonny-boi32

    jonny-boi32 Paid Member

  4. spuddy

    spuddy Ulster Area Rep.

    Tried that link but it doesn't find my car when I try.

    Is that link not for cars in England, Scotland and Wales?
  5. jonny-boi32

    jonny-boi32 Paid Member

    no ive used it before. it didnt pick up 1 of my cars either. not the best of system. jus try put reg in capitals, with space, without space, etc...

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