NEW:hybrid TD04 kit/stock radiator friendly!!!pics/prices added..

Discussion in 'New Parts' started by wickedep, Aug 16, 2008.

  1. wickedep

    wickedep Registered Trader

    hey lads..
    we've been working on a new td04L kit for a while now and its finally ready for release in a week or so. the new kit can be used with STOCK radiator. the kit will be availble for sale in both External and Internal wastegate configurations. the stock td04L turbo has also been swapped out for a hybrid unit making the kit capable of 300hp easy. the kit now includes..

    *NEW--td04L hybrid turbo with compressor wheel ugrade and ported out compressor housing (everything brand new, zero miles)
    *NEW-- 321 stainless braced manifold (3mm thick walls)
    *3-point braced downpipe to suit any cat-back or WEPR exhaust
    *front mount intercooler with all intercooler pipes
    *cold air intake pipe for turbo
    *all oil feed/return lines
    *water feed nipples
    *all gaskets, nuts+bolts,connecting hoses and clips etc

    The good news is since we dont have to supply the radiator the kits have gotten a little cheaper. we've also invested some of the money we were saving back into the kit by supplying you guys with a quality and very durable 321 s/s manifold.

    we didnt go too crazy with the turbo upgrade because we still wanted to retain the quick spool and awesome driveability of the stock td04L. the turbo still uses the stock turbine side coupled with a larger compressor wheel allowing spool up to remain almost unchanged, yet supply a healthy chunk of extra power.









    Td04 kit--$2450usd shipped
    Td04 kit with external w.gate option--$2800usd shipped

    **either kit can be had with a mild steel manifold. please reduce $100usd from retail price if going with this option!
    If purchased seperately--

    Td04 manifold m/s--$390usd shipped
    Td04 manifold m/s with ext.gate option--$415usd shipped
    td04 manifold 321 s/s--$550usd shipped
    td04 manifold 321 s/s with ext.gate option--$575usd shipped
    td04 downpipe to suit--$275usd shipped
    td04 fmic kit to suit--$690usd shipped
    td04 fmic piping kit only--$290usd shipped
    td04 turbo to fmic pipe only--$150usd shipped
    cold air intake pipe--$105usd shipped
    oil feed/oil return/banjo bolt/washers/water feed nipples--$150usd shipped
    Hybrid td04 turbo--$1200usd shipped

    **for other custom/special individual parts quotes, please u2u.

    wickedEP Racing
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  2. gv1.3

    gv1.3 Admin

    nice developments Sacha. Ive been waiting for something like this for a while now.
  3. Registered Trader <a href="http://www.Tuning

    Look forward to seeing some pics of this!! :cool:

    HYBRID Super Moderator <a href="http://www.toyotagtturbo.

    awesome work as always sacha!

    well done mate! really looking forward to seein what u guys come up with!

  5. Gee

    Gee Paid Member

    I know you say the spool time will hardly change..but does this mean it will lag..but only SLIGHTLY more?

    Good going anyways.
  6. lleey2k4

    lleey2k4 Paid Member

    This looks good, i think i will soon be after 1 of these when i have rebuilt my engine :)
  7. glanza_dan

    glanza_dan Paid Member

    Can you get the mani in mid steel mate ?
    dont realy want s/s, await for pics and price as my mate wants one off these if the price is right.
    thanks dan
  8. Rory

    Rory Paid Member

    321 stainless steel is far better than mild steel, and will not crack.
  9. glanza_dan

    glanza_dan Paid Member

    oh right, soz ill take that back... sounds good to me :)
    thanks dan
  10. glanza_dan

    glanza_dan Paid Member

    oh right, soz ill take that back... sounds good to me :)
    thanks dan
  11. Sigma

    Sigma Registered User +

    I want one :)
  12. Anakin

    Anakin Paid Member

    Very good job mate..!! :rockon:
    It will be one of the best turbo kits!!
  13. wickedep

    wickedep Registered Trader

    yes gee..thats correct..the increase in lag is hardly noticeable. its very small.

    wickedEP Racing
  14. Dane_Bristol

    Dane_Bristol Paid Member

    Well don Sacha amazing kit and i am sure the price will also reflect your amazing ability to create such a brilliant kit by the sounds of things :)
  15. Gee

    Gee Paid Member


    Looking forward to shows of the new stainless mani.
  16. Chris@CCM

    Chris@CCM Registered User +

    nice work buddy as allways
  17. wickedep

    wickedep Registered Trader

    hey lads,
    manage to work out the prices of the new kits. we have decided to offer both kits with the option of a mild steel manifold. this option will be $100usd cheaper than the standard kit price..

    full td04 kit--$2450usd shipped
    full td04 kit with external wastegate option--$2800usd shipped

    **please reduce $100 from the above mentioned price for either kit with mild steel manifold option.

    many thanks..

    wickedEP Racing
  18. Spoonz

    Spoonz Paid Member

    is that with the turbo?
  19. wickedep

    wickedep Registered Trader

    yes of course mate...its with everything including the turbo! thanks..

    wickedEP Racing
  20. lleey2k4

    lleey2k4 Paid Member

    Thats cheap :)

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